What is the importance of art exhibition for students essay

Essay on importance of art exhibition

I have seen many exhibitions before. The industry exhibition held in Delhi in 1955 was very beautiful. After that there was a rail-exhibition in Delhi itself. In 1958, an exhibition of India’s technological development was held in Delhi, in which a glimpse of the whole of India was shown.

I really liked this exhibition. The exhibition was so full of colorful electric lights that as soon as we reached near, it seemed as if we had arrived in Indrapuri even before we could smile at the exhibition. Two large type of searchlights were fired into the sky, visible for many miles.

We were stunned when we entered the exhibition. Everywhere were beautifully decorated and gleaming with light. On one side was the exhibition hall of a cycle company, where a fake man was sitting and riding a bicycle. Many bicycles were also powered by electricity for the ride of people. Moving a little further, there were pottery shops.

We had never seen such beautiful porcelain utensils before. Silk clothes shops are also very beautiful Mr. In one place there was a display of ropes, rugs and rugs made from jute. Similarly, many big companies had exhibited their made goods. Apart from these, different state governments had displayed the development plans of their respective states.

Where are the dams being built on the rivers, how many canals will come out of them, how much electricity will be generated, all these things were shown by making samples and making charts. Apart from this, there was also a demonstration of the measures being taken for the improvement of agriculture and the spread of education.

The exhibition halls of all the states were very beautiful. In front of the room of Rajasthan, two lion cubs were also kept in a cage. The Defense Ministry had a separate display room, in which a variety of weapons and other items were displayed. Nearby there were also two or three small planes and boats running in water.

Different parts of railways and locomotives were exhibited by the Ministry of Railways. This exhibition was so big that if the whole exhibition was to be seen, one would have to walk 27 miles. So we could see only the main parts. A lake was also built inside the exhibition.

In the middle of this, the model of Bhakra-Nangal dam was made very big and beautiful and there was also an arrangement to run boats in the lake. We also took a ride on the ferry. But what I enjoyed the most was seeing the part which had all kinds of fun games. There was a big high round swing. When we sat there, we felt very happy.

When the hammock went up, the whole exhibition was visible at a glance, and when the hammock came down, it felt a little scary. But soon that fear dissipated. There were other types of swings here. At one place a machine was installed to try its power. People were testing their power there by giving money.

There were many such games from place to place, in which people could get the reward by aiming. But I haven’t seen anyone getting the reward. At one place there was a strange girl, whose body used to run away. She used to sit on a chair and hiding the torch to her parir would lit the torch.

There was another girl, whose head was of wood, but the rest of the body was that of a snake. She spoke like a man. Similarly, seeing many other strange things, we got very tired in the end and sat down to fetch something. The food and drink shops here were very big, but the goods were very dirty and expensive.

We thought that if ever we have to go to see the exhibition, then at least the food items should be taken with us. When he came out after seeing Madarshini, there was a long queue at the bus stand, but soon many buses came and the whole queue was over. We returned home with pleasure.

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