what is meant by hardware in computer systems?

what is meant by hardware – friends ! In the previous post, we have read that what is a computer? In that we learned that a computer is made up of two things: 1. Software 2. Hardware. In this post I will tell you about hardware, what is hardware? previous post “What is a computer?” I told you about different types of computers. But in today’s post, I will tell you about the hardware related to the common computer like desktop and laptop computer.


what is meant by hardware ?

Hardware – All those physical parts connected to the computer which we can touch, see, they are called hardware. Physical parts of computer like – LCD, keyboard, CPU, mouse, RAM, hard disk, etc. The word hardware is made up of two words Hard + Ware.

Hard means solid and ware means material, the full literal meaning of hardware is ‘solid material’. If we understand the definition of hardware in the literal sense, then its definition will be that all the solid things in the computer which are used to run the computer are called hardware.

Just as our body needs eyes, nose, mouth, ears, hands, feet, etc. to be complete. Similarly, all these hardware is needed for the computer to be complete. Nowadays some software has also come such that it requires fixed hardware to run. If that hardware is not in the computer, then that software also cannot be used.


types of hardware devices

We divide computer hardware into two parts.

1.Input Device
2.Output Device

1. Input devices – Input devices are those devices by which we can input our instructions into the computer. In the true sense, “the devices by which we give our instructions to the computer are called input devices”. Input devices like keyboard, mouse, scanner, microphone, etc.

2. Output devices – Output devices are those devices by which we can see the results of the computer after following the instructions given to it. In the true sense, “the devices by which we can get the results of our given instructions are called output devices.” Output devices such as monitors, speakers, printers, headphones, etc.

Note: Some hardware is both input and output such as pen drive, fax, modem, touch screen device, digital camera, network card.

Here we will also divide the hardware as external hardware and internal hardware. Input and output devices do not include all the hardware such as RAM, processor, hard disk, etc. But all hardware comes in internal and external hardware.

1. External Hardware – External Hardware The hardware that is outside the computer cabinet such as – Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, UPS, Printer, Speaker, etc.

2. Internal Hardware – Internal Hardware The hardware that is inside the computer cabinet such as – Motherboard, Hard Disk, RAM, DVD Drive, Processor, Power Supply etc.

Laptops have many external hardware inside such as keyboard, mouse, screen, UPS, speaker.

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