What is internet and how does internet work

 how does internet work  – Hello friends welcome to our fullyessay website. We are back again with a different interesting topic. Hope you are going to like today’s article. Today we are going to give you information about internet which we use a lot in daily life. So to know continue reading till the end.

Today we are going to give some information about the Internet with all of you, if you want to know about the Internet, then definitely read this article till the end.

If you are asked what is the world’s largest network? If your answer is internet then yes your answer is absolutely correct. In today’s era, the Internet may be a common word, but it is also true that the Internet is the biggest invention in the history of human beings.

Have you ever wondered what is internet? How does the Internet work? Why do I need to recharge to use the Internet? If this kind of question is bothering you, then do not worry because in today’s article I will try to explain to you about internet in as few words as possible.


What is Internet ?

In simple language, two or more computers are connected to each other, this is called Internet. The Internet is such a network system that establishes a connection between all the computers in the world. So that data can be exchanged between them.


How does Internet work ?

A lot of research was done to speed up the speed of the Internet. One of which is the discovery optical fiber cable. Optical fibre, which is a cable, is spread all over the world inside the oceans to connect all the countries. The Internet works because allowing every network to connect to every other network.


What is optical fiber cable?

Optical fiber is a cable that has a speed of 100 Gbps and the optical fiber cable that lays in the oceans is called Tier 1 company. The name of the Tier 1 company of India is Tata Communications.


Who is the owner of Internet ?

The question of who owns the Internet haunts most people. So today we are going to tell you in shortest words. Many one person does not own the internet. If you are wondering if you don’t own the internet. Let me tell you that for the origin of the Internet and all the discoveries of the Internet, from the government of the country to the engineers and the people of the civil society, there has been a combination of other fields on the Internet.

Like the recharge we do to use the internet. Instead, the money we have to pay goes to national companies like Airtel Vodafone jio. And these national companies give money to international companies for internet.


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