What are 5 basic types of welding joints?

This type of joint is used to weld two plates or sections whose surfaces are at approximately right angles to each other. Edge preparation of the vertical member of a t-joint is the same as that of butt joints.

This type of joint is used to join together the ends or edges of two plates or surfaces located approximately in the same plane with each other. Preparation of edges varies mainly according to the thickness of the metal pieces to be welded and the welding process to be used. Light gauge sections (1 to 3 mm) are generally welded by a plain butt joint.

This type of joint is used to join parallel plates by means of a weld. This joint is often used in sheet metal work. Flange joint is a modification of this joint. In case of sheet metal

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This type of joint is used to join the edges of two sheets or thin plates whose surfaces are approximately at right angle to each other. This type of joint is very commonly used in the construction of boxes, tanks, frames and similar items. Welding can be done on one or both sides of the joint, depending on the position and type of corner joint used.

This type of joint is used in joining two overlapping plates so that the edge of each plate is welded to the surfaces of the other. Common lap joints are single lap, double lap and joggled (or offset) lap joints.