A machine tool which is used for producing flat or profiled surfaces, grooves or slots with the help of a revolving (mostly) multiple tooth cutter is known as a milling machine.

milling machine working principle

The work is held rigidly on the table of milling machine while the cutter is mounted on a spindle or arbor. The chips are cut off by the rotating milling cutter. The cutting edges ( teeth) of which are arranged in a circular way. To enable the cutting-edges of the milling cutter to penetrate into the material, the cutting edges are made wedge-shaped (like a turning tool).

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types of milling machine

1. Column and Knee Type Milling Machines. 2. Planner Type Milling Machines. 3. Fixed Bed Milling Machines. 4. Special Purpose Milling Machines.

Concept of milling machine working principle and types