Victory over the himalayas essay 500 word in english

Essay on victory over the himalayas

Efforts to conquer the Himalayas have been going on for a long time. The name of the highest peak of the Himalayas is Chongulagama. The desire to climb it was in the mind of adventurous travelers ever since this peak was discovered. Chongulagama means queen of the mountains. This peak is also called Mount Everest. Its height is 26141 feet. Description of Himalayas.

The foothills of the Himalayas, in which there are dense forests and a variety of forest animals live. Above it are the mountain peaks, where beautiful cities are settled and the snow-capped peaks at the top, on which the snow never ends. Expedition to Chogulagama requires passing through the border between Tibet and Nepal.

For the first time in 1921, the Tibetan government allowed a team to visit Chongulagama. The leader of this party was Colonel Howard Bury. This team went up to a height of 18000 feet. By making a base camp there, these people could climb 5000 feet and above. But from there they had to return.

In 1622, Brigadier General Bruce marched on Chongulagama, but Bruce was able to climb to a height of 28,100 feet and returned. Two of the crew members, Andrew Irvine and Lee-Mallory, went to Chowngulagama, but never returned. In 1633, 1635, 1636 and 1938 there were also a number of travellers, but none of them had much success.

Difficulties of climbing the Himalayas. To climb Chongulagama, one has to first reach the root of the mountain after covering a distance of about two hundred miles. This road is also very tiring. It is very cold on these high peaks. Special clothing is made for climbing here which is warm, windproof as well as lightweight yes. Due to the light air, one gets breathless, tired and it becomes difficult to lift weights.

Feels nauseous and starts losing weight. There is a danger of raw snow from place to place, due to which travelers can fall into deep potholes, Sherpa porters who can walk on modest mountains with one and a half mind weight, they cannot lift more than ten sers at this height. In 1951, Eric Shipton discovered a new route to climb Chongulagama from the south via Nepal.

In 1952, two members of a Swiss crew, Raymond Lambert and Tensingh Norke, were able to climb to a height of 28,200 feet. In 1953, a team led by Colonel Hunt went, which was successful in conquering Chongulagama. Two members of that team, Tensingh Norke and Edmund Hillary, reached the summit on 26 May, with Colonel Hunt taking advantage of past experiences.

This team was carrying so much luggage that 362 porters were made to lift it. New and lighter devices of oxygen were made and above all the members of this team were going with determination. Tensingh Norke was restless to reach Chongulagama even after playing on his life. On May 25, two crew members, Bodillon and Evans, were sent to climb, but they returned after reaching a height of 28,270 feet.

Tensingh and Hillary were sent on 27 May. On May 28, the wind continued to blow all day. So both of them remained in the tent. On 26 May he started climbing. There was very little oxygen gas left in their devices. It was not possible to go and return with its help. Only then did he find two oxygen-machines thrown by Bodillon and Evans on the first day, which helped him greatly.

Working hard, both of them reached the top of the summit and there Tensingh hoisted the flags of India, Nepal and England and Hillary took his photo. Nature has to give up in front of man’s intelligence, courage and determination. Courageous people are respected in the world.



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