student and politics essay 1000 words

student and politics essay 1000 words

essay on student and politics in English

student and politics essay  For some time, such a tradition has run in our country that political parties use students of schools and colleges to launch any movement. Students are experienced and enthusiastic young people. Without understanding anything deeply, they are ready to start any thrilling movement.

But this not only spreads disorder in social life, but also diverts the attention of the students from study, while their only and biggest goal in student life should be only ‘study’. Thinkers have both types of views regarding whether students should participate in politics or not. Those who are supporters of students to participate in politics, they say that students are also a part of the society.

When he grows up, he will become Nag Rick. At that time also he would have to participate in politics. That is why it is good that his education of politics should start in his student age. They started learning political tricks and tricks from the beginning. Another tip in this regard.

It is given that the spirit of fighting and making sacrifices for any great ideal is strong in the students. So if this enthusiasm can be used to fight against injustice, then it should be said that there is no fault in it.

But in reality both these devices are standing on very weak feet. When our country was ruled by foreigners, the leaders of the country took the help of students to make the country independent. He inspired the students to join the political movement. The students openly participated in the freedom struggle by obeying his orders and the history of India is illuminated by the stories of their valor and sacrifice.

But at the same time it was a very wrong move. It would have been much better if the freedom struggle had been fought without the cooperation of the students. But that mistake can be considered forgivable because it was done with the noble aim of making the country independent.

The great consequence of the students’ participation in politics was that those students went away from the path of study forever. Even if it was not: his life was ruined, then it can be said that the purpose for which he started taking education could not be fulfilled. Studenthood is a period of spiritual practice.

During this period, students should acquire maximum strength, knowledge and health. Instead of paying attention to what happens in the country and society, their focus should be on making their recipients physically and mentally capable as much as possible so that they can participate successfully in whatever is going to happen in the future.

Just as a breastfed child is not expected to help in saving a burning house, similarly the shadows are not expected to contribute to solving or complicating the general political problems of the country. If there is a foreign invasion of the country and the independence and existence of the country is in danger, then it can be said that the students should leave the schools and colleges and join the war.

Provided that in that case, it will have to be considered that due to sudden objection, his education period has ended early or education has been postponed for some time. But within the country, taking part in any movement of students while receiving education in schools and colleges in support of one party’s policy or against the other party’s policy is not only harmful for the society, for education and itself.

It is also very harmful for the students. Studying politics is one thing and participating in politics is another. The study of politics is helpful in understanding the problems facing the country, the composition of political parties and their views; But participating in politics is a hindrance in these things.

The task of the student is to look at both the good and the bad aspects of each Vata objectively in his student life. Do not allow your mind to bend in favor or against any one party or policy due to partiality. But when a person starts taking part in politics, he gets filled with partiality.

He sees the policy of his party right and finds fault in other parties. If such a feeling of allegiance to a party is to come in the mind of a man, then he should drink water after the school age; Otherwise it will become unfit to receive the knowledge properly. Students are young and stupid; Therefore, they are easily misled by the slogans of political parties.

On one hand the students should feel that they are not concerned with the internal politics of the country. And on the other hand political parties should also realize that it is unfair to use students to make any of their movement successful or to oppose any other party.

Such a hymn agreement should be reached among all political parties, so that all parties should try to keep students away from politics, so that students can become good citizens of the country by putting all their energy in studies only.



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