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Science and religion essay in english – Science is progressing day by day, which is becoming a challenge for religion because people’s attention has started shifting from religion to science. Due to which people have stopped following religion and due to which a conflict has started between science and religion and today’s article is also on religion vs science essay. so let’s start


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Nowadays the influence of religion is getting weaker and weaker day by day and the influence of science is increasing day by day. But some time ago the situation was just the opposite. About 250 years ago religion dominated all walks of life and scientists had to face many difficulties.

It was believed that scientific research was contrary to the teachings of the scriptures and science encouraged atheism. That’s why influential religious leaders spoke like jihad against the scientists and some scholars even had to lose their lives.

Even till now that conflict of religion and science does not seem to have ended completely. In fact, if seen calmly, both religion and science have contributed to the progress of mankind. The progress of material side is due to science, then the credit for mental and spiritual progress is due to religion.

I do not know whether the work of animals can be done only by the fulfillment of material needs, or not, but the work of man certainly cannot go on. He needs as much material comforts as he needs, but more than that, there is a need for mental and spiritual peace and joy.

Therefore, the importance of both religion and science in the human world has always been there and probably will remain so in the future also. It is another thing that due to the circumstances of a particular period, sometimes the effect of one decreases and sometimes that of the other.

We must first understand the nature of religion. Religion is a higher feeling of the human mind. Through this the feelings of sympathy, service, benevolence etc. are awakened in the human being. The practice of good qualities like truth, non-violence, celibacy, asteya and aparigraha and renunciation of bad qualities like lust, anger, greed and delusion are considered essential for religion.

A religious person should not be attracted towards material pleasures but should practice suffering. Good deeds should be done. One should stand firm on the truth, no matter how much suffering one has to endure for it.

In the eyes of a religious man, life does not end in this world, but the soul remains even after death and it takes another birth and gets happiness due to good deeds and sorrow due to bad deeds. Those who do not believe in reincarnation also believe in the afterlife, heaven and hell.

That is why they think that instead of enjoying happiness in the short life of this world, one should accumulate merit for the long life of the hereafter. The existence of God is also accepted in almost all religions, who is helpful to the good and punishes the wicked.

A religious man should go on the right path keeping faith in God. All his obstacles, obstacles will be removed and he will definitely get success. All these teachings and directions are very good. The world has benefited a lot from them and thousands and millions of lives have been improved as a result of them.

Many saints have given their lives in the works of religion and made it their goal to remove the sorrows of the downtrodden. Many more misguided people saw light from his pure and holy life. How many wicked and violent men were reformed under his holy influence.

It was natural for people to have reverence for such sacrificing, ascetic, saintly people. Big rich people built monasteries and temples for their service.

For their convenience, materials were collected and all the help that was needed for the smooth running of the works of the saint-mahatmas was provided by their devotees. That is why the influence of religion spread to every corner of the world.

What to say about big cities and cities, even small villages have become religious temples. But over time the form of religion started getting distorted. After reaching the climax, the downfall began. The monasteries and temples which were built for the service of true Mahatmas were filled with canoe, hypocritical people out of greed for pleasures and facilities.

The feelings of sacrifice and service were gone. The mahants of the monasteries started using the property of the monasteries for their luxury. To hide his weaknesses, he created all kinds of hypocrisy and ostentation. Instead of showing the public the path of light, he thought it better to keep him engrossed in the darkness of ignorance.

Thus the religion which was once inspired by high feelings and a means of progress of the society, became the cause of the downfall of the society when its form deteriorated.

Instead of God, ghosts and spirits were worshipped. Instead of trying to get heaven by doing auspicious work, the priests and the abbot started promising to provide facilities to the people in heaven by taking money. Atonement for the biggest sin started by giving money.

This was the climax of superstition and other faith. Just as the progress of religion could not remain stagnant, similarly these moments of decline of religion were also unable to forget man for a long time. At that time science started raising its head.

The basic tendency of science was to believe only after reason and direct philosophy. Either something can be understood by reason or seen with eyes, it can be believed. Science cannot accept anything as true merely because it is written in a religious book or said by a religious teacher.

The logic of science was the exact opposite of the faith propagated by religion, that is why conflict arose between religion and science.

The selfish people who were straightening their boob under the guise of religion, their interests were reached by science, so they started putting obstacles in the way of scientists and troubling them in various ways. But the chariot of truth was never stopped by the obstacles of the path.

Once the hypocrisy of religion was exposed, people put their lives at risk and started searching for the truth. The huge stronghold of superstition and superstition collapsed on sight.

The pleasures which the contractors of religion used to hope for in the heaven of their imagination, they have been presented in this world by science by their discoveries. Religion was worshiping God. Science fulfills nature.

He controlled the forces of air, water, fire, electricity and made the life of man happy and prosperous by taking many types of work from them. Science has given man so much power that he can move wherever he wants in water, in the air or in the womb of the ocean.

The success of science was concrete and direct. In comparison, religion’s notions of heaven and hell became blurred and people lost their faith in them. Science has given one thing to man and that is reasoning.

Science has only one claim and that is that it will believe only in that which it can reveal. ‘To be able to perceive’ does not mean that it can be seen with the eyes, but that it can be understood by the intellect and can be measured and weighed by our instruments.

Although till date no scientist has seen the atom, yet he has measured the length and width of the atom, weighed its weight and has shown it by tearing it with his instruments and generating immense debt from it. It is clear from this that direct knowledge of the object can be obtained even if we cannot see with the eyes.

Science has removed the blind faith of man by awakening reason and intelligence. Just as the form of religion got distorted and religion got transformed into hypocrisy and ostentation, so also the form of science got distorted. The science which had collected means for the convenience of human beings like trains, planes, electricity, radio etc.

The science which was the object of man’s aspiration, the same atomic-weapons, but with the cooperation of both, mankind can go on moving towards happiness, prosperity and peace continuously.



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