Essay on problems in education system in india

Hello friends, I hope all of you are well, the topic of today is related to our Indian education problem.The current education system of India is run by the British and the aim of the British was to mold the Indian into their culture. But this could not happen because the education system of India existed even at that time and the people of India used to follow the two learned systems.

But “What are the major issues in education today?” that people are not able to climb properly and they have to leave their studies in the middle. And Indian people have to job to run their home, but getting work has become difficult. So in today’s article we will know about problems in education system in India. So let’s start.

Essay on problems in education system in india

problems in Indian education system essay

Before independence, the foreign government paid very little attention to education. Although it is true that the current education system is run by the British and this education has a big hand in freeing us from the clutches of the British,

yet there is no doubt that the British had run this education system with the exact opposite purpose. His goal was to give western education to the people of India in the western color and in addition to political subjugation, cultural subjugation should also be imposed on them.

He introduced Western education to prove the Indian civilization and history inferior in the eyes of the West. This education was only book education. In this, all the emphasis was given on the study of literature. There was very little teaching of Geography, History, Mathematics etc.

And whatever was there, it was also done through the medium of English. Earlier, the child used to take many years to acquire the knowledge of English and after that he would be able to study geography, history etc. After receiving this education, he was left with only one way to earn a living – job; Whether that job is of Babugiri in the office, whether it is teaching in the school.

The problem of unemployment of educated people had come before the country even before the attainment of independence. Universities BA 0, M. a . The graduates who passed were like birds of prey, only impatient to get a job. But due to the limited number of jobs, they could not get jobs.

Many educationists and political leaders had realized this and stressed on changing the form of education. Vocational education and Vesik education were introduced to solve this problem. But after getting independence, democracy has been established in the country and the government has decided that all the people of the country have to be educated as soon as possible.

That is why the promotion of education is increasing very fast. But as the promotion of education increases, many new problems are emerging. The biggest and the first problem is that nowadays the large number of students who are ready to get education, there is no place for them in schools and colleges.

Filled with new enthusiasm, people run towards colleges to learn science, medicine, engineering etc., but the same answer is received from everywhere, there is no place. Even getting admission in BA, MA classes in literature has become difficult.

The second problem is that of teachers. The place of teachers is not as high and respected as it should be in the society. The reason for this is the low salary of teachers. In the present society, the value of man is due to his wealth. That’s why a poor teacher can’t destroy the prestige in society.

Sometimes he finds it difficult to maintain his family. To increase his income, he has to do tuitions many times, due to which his respect decreases even more. Neither the student nor his parents are able to look at the teacher who teaches at home with respect.

Another side-effect of low salary in education sector is that more meritorious and deserving people do not want to come in education sector. They run after business or government jobs, where the salaries are relatively high. Therefore, the salaries of teachers should be increased not only to increase the pride of the teacher, but also to bring and retain qualified persons in the education sector.

The third and biggest problem of our education is the problem of indiscipline of the students. In ancient times, the relationship between gurus and disciples was very cordial. The disciples were humble and devoted. The Guru also loved the disciples.

But the sense of respect for the gurus has been blown out of the Prajakan disciples. Making teachers laugh, giving quick answers on the face is a minor thing. There have been many such tales in which students threatened and killed the teachers when they were caught copying in the examination.

This is the culmination of the decline of the teacher-disciple relationship. The indiscipline of the students also comes in another form and that is the form of strike. Students strike for any small or big thing, right or wrong. They create ruckus not only in their educational institution, but in the whole city.

Then many unions and federations of students have been formed. Due to these, the right or unfair strike of the students of one city is supported by the students of the whole country. Many a times these striking students not only raise their hands on their teachers, but even take a stand against the police.

This is also a very deplorable condition. In the last few years, there have been big and prolonged strikes in the universities of Allahabad, Lucknow and Banaras. The demand for these strikes has often been that such a teacher should be removed, or not removed. Like the students are the proper judges of who is a good teacher and who is unfit.

The reasons for the indiscipline of the students are many.

Some of it is due to the weakness of the teachers, some of the objections to the teachers and the officers of the institutions, and some to the misuse of non-cooperation weapon given by Mahatma Gandhi to the country, etc. Removing these causes is not as easy as it is necessary.

At this time indiscipline is only increasing day by day. Although a lot of efforts have been made to make education cheap, yet education is getting expensive day by day.

It has become very difficult for a family with medium finance to meet the expenses of the education of the children. Although the ideal of free education is put forward, the fees are not low in the upper classes, And a far greater burden than the fees is the cost of the books.

Nowadays the books in the courses are so much and so expensive that the common man gets burdened with that burden. The reason for keeping so many and expensive books in the courses is financial mischief. Many people earn huge money from textbooks, that’s why there is so much hustle and bustle to get the book put in the syllabus.

If the burden of books is reduced a little, then a very big problem of education will be solved. Nowadays, where there is a lack of schools for the students to study, there is an even greater lack of proper laboratories, playgrounds and healthy means of entertainment for them.

Until these things are not available, education will remain incomplete and one-sided. Physical health is also an essential part of education like mental development. The aim of education is to make the student polite, courteous and generous. But in today’s education there is an effect of moral teaching.

The result is that as students become more and more educated, they become more and more disorderly, wasteful and ungrateful. It would be more appropriate to call this type of education as malpractice; And as the number of such uneducated persons increases in the society, its ill-effects will also come before us in many forms.

While living with the British, our demand was that the British should go and Britishness should go with them. But after the departure of the British, the Englishness has not gone from here, on the contrary, it is increasing twice in the day and quadruple the night.

Earlier it was said that the study of English is an unnecessary burden on the child’s mind, so teaching should be done in his own language. But after the departure of the British, it is being said that English is an international language and without reading it the development of the child’s mind cannot be complete.

Reading English will open up new areas of knowledge and science for him, so every child must be taught English. In this way, the burden of not only English but many other languages has been put on the head of the student, which will definitely prove to be a hindrance in the mental development of the child.

But it is expected that the educationists will be alert in this direction soon and the mistakes will be rectified. These are some of the burning problems of our present education. The attention of all the educationists is on these and they are trying to solve them.


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