Essay on importance of travel in education


Essay on importance of travel in education

importance of travel in education

There are two ways to get an education. One is to go and see the object about which we want to get knowledge, and secondly, hear about it from people who have seen that thing, or read the books written on that subject. Man’s life is so short and his means are so few that he cannot go and see all the parts of the world and all the things of the world by himself.

So he has to take refuge in books. From time to time many adventurers and enthusiasts have visited different parts of the world and have written interesting and informative books about them. Therefore, if we want today, we can get information about the world by reading those books sitting at home.

But with such information neither the knowledge of man can be perfected nor can man be satisfied. Therefore, traveling and seeing things and regions with one’s own eyes is also an essential part of education. In the books we read that the forests of the Himalayas have been formed.

They have tall trees. Fierce wild animals are found in them; Pythons are snakes. But until we go and see those forests once for ourselves, we cannot understand that we have gained complete knowledge about them, or we have a clear conception about them.

Similarly, we cannot be completely satisfied with respect to snow-capped mountain peaks, deserted hot deserts, snow-covered pole regions without seeing them with our eyes. The facilities of travel in ancient times were not as they are today.

There were no fast vehicles like rail, motor and aircraft and no security like today’s. The journey took a lot of time. On the way there was fear of thieves and bandits. Yet travelers like Marco Polo, Fahien Hansang and Alberuni continued to travel from country to country, traveling thousands of miles.

The names of these travelers are immortal in history today, because in their time, they were the first to give information about distant countries to other people. Today when all facilities are available to us, there is no reason why we should not see different places and things with our own eyes.

Mere wandering from one place to another cannot be called a journey. While traveling, one must first have a clear goal in mind. He should know for what purpose he is traveling. For example a person can travel to visit ancient historical places.

The other person can travel in search of different flora; The third person can go on a journey to see the natural beauty of different places of the country. Whatever it may be, but some goal must remain in the mind of the tourist. The person who stays in the same place and does not travel, he remains a coward.

He continues to live his life in the same kind of quiet condition. He does not have the ability to put himself according to new situations. He hesitates while dealing with new people, but when a person sets out on a journey, new situations come in front of him.

After successfully passing through them, confidence develops in his mind. The fear and hesitation in his heart vanishes. While traveling, one should walk openly; That is, he should see, understand and heart the circumstances around him very well.

If a person goes to a city and does not look carefully at the clothes, food, lifestyle and customs of its residents and cannot describe them properly after returning, then his journey was in vain. He could have lived without that journey as well.

Therefore, while traveling, the traveler should keep a close eye on the natural scenery, living conditions of the residents, art-skills and customs etc. One of the great benefits of traveling is that our mind becomes liberal. Those who do not travel and stay in one place, their vision becomes narrow.

His ideology is very narrow. They understand that whatever we do is just right, nothing should happen anywhere in the world other than that. If something happens, it is wrong. But such fanaticism does not remain in the mind of the tourist. It sees new countries.

sees their different customs and understands that at one place such a thing is considered right and in another place another; So both the things are fine. Such a liberal approach makes the life of man happy and content. Travel is also considered very beneficial for health improvement.

Staying in the same type of climate for a long time leads to poor health. At that time, doctors also advise patients about climate change. If a person keeps on traveling from time to time, he may not get the chance to be sick. One can also avail business benefits from traveling.

He gets to know where hundred goods are produced and found cheap and where those goods are in high demand and can be sold expensive. In this way, he can easily get profit by buying from cheap place and selling expensive place. But above all, the biggest advantage is that by comparing the customs and living habits of different countries, a person can leave the evils and adopt the good.

This is the basic mantra for the progress of any person or caste. By getting in touch with other countries or races, we can compare ourselves with them. If we are better than them, then we can make our impact on them and if we are behind them then the feeling of competition arises in our mind and we try to move ahead.

Wandering far and wide, a person is respected everywhere; Not only because he can sit in any society and entertain people for hours by narrating his travels, but also because by traveling to distant countries his knowledge increases so much and his personality becomes so bright that people naturally respect him.

and find that by coming in contact with him, they will be able to learn some good and useful things from him. Therefore travel should be considered as an essential part of education. Mere bookish education cannot be considered complete education without occasional long journeys.

This has been realized by the educationists and nowadays special facilities are being provided for the students to travel from time to time. Travels are organized on behalf of the schools, in which the government also bears some part of the expenses.



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