1000 words essay on patriotism for students

1000 words essay on patriotism for students

Essay on patriotism

Essay about patriotism It is quite natural to have love or affection for the country in which we were born and where we grew up. Just as a man loves his family, mother, father, brother, sister, wife, son etc., in the same way, while living together, he also falls in love with his neighbors and this feeling of love when more generous and developed, then man considers all his countrymen as his brothers or friends and loves them.

The meaning of ‘Janaani Janma Bhumisch Swargadapi Gariyasi’ is that the mother and the birthplace are the ones who give more happiness than heaven. Patriotism is a high sense of mind. It inspires us to sacrifice everything for the country. To protect the country from foreign aggression or to improve the condition of the country, the patriot never hesitates to sacrifice.

In the eyes of a true patriot, serving the country is the biggest duty. First, it would be appropriate to understand what a country is? We can call any large landmass as a country; But the mountains there, the rivers there and the forests there are not everything in the country; Having a strong love for those things is not only patriotism, but the people of that country are an even more important part of the country.

Just as without the land, only the inhabitants cannot be called a country, similarly without the inhabitants no land can be called a country, especially in the eyes of the patriot. For a patriot, both the land and its inhabitants together are the country.

Our progress or downfall, our prosperity or plight, depends on the condition of our country. People who are born in advanced countries get a better education, lead a happier life. On the contrary, the people of backward uncivilized countries lag behind in the race for progress and spend most of their lives in misery.

In this connection we must not forget the days of the slave trade, when the Europeans captured the Africans as slaves and sold them as if they were cattle. The reason for this was that the countries of Europe were advanced in terms of armament and education and they could conquer the inhabitants of Africa.

The purpose of this example is only that if our country is not advanced and not independent, then our condition may also be like that of slaves; And if our country is prosperous and prosperous, then we can stand proud in the world with our heads held high. Therefore it becomes the duty of every resident of the country to do whatever he can to improve the condition of his country.

Whatever is the condition of our country at this time is the result of the actions of our ancestors. If ever our country became subjugated, it was because the generations before that did not fulfill their duty towards the country completely. After that, when the country became independent, it meant that the generations before that worked hard, sacrificed and fought to get the country independent.

The condition of any country is not only ours today, it is the result of the actions of the generations before now and whatever we do now, the result will be in front of the generations to come. When a country is dependent, it is necessary to inculcate the feeling of patriotism in order to free it from the clutches of its independence. Similarly, when an independent country is attacked by another country, then it becomes necessary to awaken the feeling of patriotism in order to counter that attack.

The history of the world is replete with innumerable such shining examples, in which people have sacrificed their lives laughingly to protect the independence of their country. Such patriotic heroes have often been in all countries and in all times. In all countries like Russia, Japan, Germany, England etc.

Patriotic heroes have been given a place of great pride and their stories are heard with great love and respect. In our India also, the tradition of patriots has been very bright. The known history of India begins from the time of Chandragupta Maurya. At that time, the bravery shown by the small kings to stop the invasion of Alexander is worthy of being written in golden letters in the history of India.

It was the result of that bravery that Sikandar could not advance beyond the Vyas river. Chandragupta Maurya drove the foreign princes beyond Afghanistan so badly that they did not face it for many centuries. Even after that, kings like Pushya Mitra, Samudragupta, Shalivahana and Vikramaditya fought fierce battles to free the country from foreign invasions and got success.

Even during the Mughal period, Rana Pratap, Shivaji, Chhatrasal and Guru Gobind Singh continued to fight against the tyrannical rule. During the reign of the British, in 1857, lakhs of heroes laid down their lives to make the country independent, and even after that, the fight for independence continued till 1947, sometimes in a slow and slow form.

In the end the country remained independent. For the independence of the country, many young men swung on the gallows knowingly, laughing or opening their chest in front of bullets and attained martyrdom. With the independence of the country, it should not be understood that there is no need for patriotism anymore or that there is no work left for the countrymen to do.

In fact, such a time can never come when there is nothing left for the patriot to do; Because the task of a patriot is not only to fight against foreign rule or invasion, but also to fight against education, poverty and social inequality to improve the condition of the country. There are always some errors and deficiencies in all countries, which a patriot can work to remove.

In the last half century, the meaning of patriotism was understood to be making efforts for the progress of one’s country; The neighboring countries should be conquered and subjugated and thus the glory of our god should be increased. Even some countries had made up their minds to conquer the world. But the last two world Buddhas have made it clear that this is a spoiled form of patriotism.

To exploit other countries by subjugating them cannot be said to be a high spirit of the human mind, whereas patriotism is the name of a very high feeling. Now the days seem to be gone when big nations used to rule over small tracts by conquering them. Therefore, now the meaning of patriotism should also be properly understood.

Patriotism should be used for constructive works, not for destructive works. If a patriot ever has to fight, it should be done for the attainment or defense of his freedom. Never to hijack the liberty of others. A true patriot has to make sacrifices for the country. He has to put all his strength for the benefit of the country, regardless of his personal loss and profit. Such a sacrifice never goes in vain and the inhabitants of no country are so ungrateful that they do not honor such a sacrifice.

True patriots are worshiped in all countries. But nowadays many people make a pretense of service to the country in order to straighten their owl. Contest elections and yearn to get high posts. There is no difference between such selfish people and true devotees of God. People of selfish people worship only as long as they have power in their hands. But true patriots are respected even when they are not in power and even after their death.



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