Difference between democracy and dictatorship essay

Difference between democracy and dictatorship essay

Essay on democracy and dictatorship 

Democracy and Dictatorship Before the Second World War, democracy-government system existed in many countries of the world, but in Germany, Italy and Spain, dictatorship.

the dictatorship was established. In those days there was competition between the countries of democracy and dictatorship, so again and again the question arose in front of the people whether the democracy-government system is good or the dictatorial system of governance?

In a democracy, the reins of governance are in the hands of the elected representatives of the people, so the state functions are carried out according to the will of the people. If a policy of the government is not liked by the public, then the public can oppose it.

In democracy, every person has the freedom to express his views. The advantage of this is that on the one hand, the government gets to know that the public is satisfied or dissatisfied with which of its policies. On the other hand, the dissatisfaction of the public also gets reduced due to the release of the cloud of mind.

Therefore, violent revolutions do not often take place in democratic countries. In democracy, the distinction between the ruler and the ruled is removed. People understand that the government is made by them, so people follow the laws voluntarily.

They understand that laws are made for their benefit. In this way, Vasan is going on not because of the fear of punishment, but only with the cooperation of the people. If any policy of the government is against the will of the people, then it is in the hands of the people to change that government.

By the way, the government is always controlled by the elected parliament of the people, but if ever the public thinks that the parliament is also working against its will, then in the next elections, it can replace the whole parliament. . The government and political parties also understand this very well. That’s why they try their best to keep the public happy.

In a democracy, it is not in the hands of one person to decide on any matter, it is in the hands of many people. Therefore, every aspect of every problem is thoroughly considered and only then it is decided. In this way the chances of making a wrong decision are greatly reduced.

On the contrary, in a dictatorship, the decision is in the hands of one person and there is a lot of possibility of mistake. The biggest thing that is said in favor of democracy is that it has maximum scope for the development of the individual.

It is understood that the aim of the state is to develop the personality of the individual. In dictatorship, everyone is envious and afraid of the super hero. Therefore, their personality is not fully developed. But in democracy all the people have equal rights and every person has the opportunity to reach the highest position.

But along with these advantages, democracy also has many disadvantages. In a democracy, the reins of governance are in the hands of the hustle and bustle. The will of the people is respected in principle, but not in practice. In countries where there is not much education, boats are taken away from the people by showing them greed or fear and thus many times the people are unable to change the government even if they want.

In a democracy, the efficiency of the people decreases. Everything happens slowly. There is a long dispute on every question, due to which it takes a long time to decide. The fear of punishment is reduced in a democracy. People are inclined towards dishonesty and bribery.

The tendency of people to straighten their owl at the expense of the state increases. Democracy proves to be weak in situations of crisis like war etc. On the contrary, in the dictatorial system, all the work is done quickly and gets done well. In a dictatorship, the policy of the state is determined by the orders of one person.

So it doesn’t take long to make a decision there. People have fear of punishment. That’s why everyone performs his duty as honestly as possible and in case of non-compliance, he has to face punishment. If the dictator is good, he can breathe a new life into the whole country.

Before World War II, in Italy and Germany, Mussolini and Hitler raised both their nations in the ranks of the most advanced nations in the world. In a dictatorship , because all the power is in the hands of one man . That’s why the whole country can become good and honest by that one man being good and honest.

But there is also the fear that if he is not a good hero, then the whole government may be ruined and the country may go on the decline. This is what happened in the last days of the Mughal Empire in Indian history. In dictatorship there are opportunities for man to progress.

The biggest proof of this is that the dictator becomes the only person who, by his qualities and ability, prepares the rest of the people to be under him. But there is a possibility of partiality in dictatorship. The person who is good in the eyes of the super hero, his promotion goes on fast.

And the one who does not get such luck, he remains neglected. But this type of partiality does not decrease even in democracy. In fact, there is a feeling of heroic worship among the general public. If a dictator with many qualities starts ruling the country, then people respect him and after getting inspiration from him, they are ready to sacrifice a lot for the country.

This element of heroic worship does not exist in a democracy. But this is also the weakness of the dictatorship. Authoritarian countries tend to go downhill when the dictator is removed. But there is no such fear in a democracy, because there are many people ready to lead. One of the major drawbacks of democracy is that people’s attention is focused on elections.

People contest elections. Apart from incurring a lot of unnecessary expenditure in it, the feeling of selfishness increases among the people. Due to lengthy debates in favor and against each question, differences of intelligence spread among people.

The powers of the nation remain vati-wanti-like. Due to the absence of many parties in the dictatorship, the powers of all the people are concentrated in one direction. It is true that in a dictatorship, the individual does not have as much freedom as there is in a democracy, but the freedom of democracy is also used by the people to do dishonesty, profiteering, etc.

Uncontrolled freedom cannot be given in any system. Controlled freedom also resides in the Warp Shahi system. The biggest drawback of the dictatorial system is that the decision remains in the hands of one person. That person can also take wrong decision in moments of admission or emotionality and the whole nation has to bear the consequences of that mistake.

The progress made by Germany under Hitler’s leadership in a short period of time can hardly be compared to anywhere in the history of the whole world. But only one or two mistakes of one man’s decision again pushed Germany into the face of destruction. Such mistakes are rare in democratic countries.

Perhaps that is why democratic countries are peace loving and authoritarian countries are more inclined towards war. Whatever it may be, but at this time democracy is dominant in the whole world. Democracy has been established in all the big countries.

But the interesting thing is that each country calls itself a democratic country, and the other a totalitarian one. Despite many faults, all countries take pride in calling themselves democratic countries. In recent years, authoritarian tendencies have resurfaced in many countries, but those countries also hesitate to announce the abandonment of democracy.

It is clear from this that from the point of view of principle, democracy is considered as the best system of governance. It is another thing that that principle cannot be fully applied everywhere.



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