Biography of maharana pratap in english – birth, education, achievements and death

Biography of maharana pratap in english - birth, education, achievements and death

Full biography of maharana pratap

Rana Pratap’s name deserves to be mentioned at the top among the heroes who laid down their lives on the altar of freedom and had to suffer the most for freedom. Rana Pratap is considered a symbol of war in the history of India. He maintained his Rajput status even after suffering lifelong hardships, and despite having a thousand temptations, he did not give up and did not accept to become the feudal lord of Akwar.

The sacrifices made for freedom have brightened his name forever. Mewar is a small state in Rajasthan. Its capital was Chittor. There was the kingdom of the Sisodia dynasty. The first great brave kings were born in this dynasty. Rana Kumbha, having won a great victory, had built a kiti-stambh in Chittor.

After Kumbha, Rana Sangram Singh also established his valor far and wide, but Sanga was defeated in the battle of Sikri with Bawar. Sanga’s son Udai Singh did not do any special work; But in Udai Singh’s son Rana Pratap, his grandfather’s valor was again seen. In those days Akbar was ruling Delhi. Akbar Bir was an intelligent and ethical ruler.

He had understood that if he had to establish his empire in India, then his work could not be done by opposing the Hindu kings Therefore he made every effort to make the Hindu kings his friends; Even established marriage relations with them. The result of this policy of Akbar was that in a short time almost all Hindus became friends of King Akbar, which meant that they became subordinate to Akbar.

But the Rana of Mewar considered himself the best among the Rajputs, so he did not accept the submission of Akbar or the marriage of his daughters with the Mughals and resolved to maintain his independence during his life. But how could the mighty Akbar see that when the rest of Rajasthan was under his control by force or policy, then a small Mewar kingdom should remain independent.

That’s why he was always trying to defeat Mewar. But defeating Mewar was not an easy task. Mewar was far from Delhi and the middle road was not very good for the movement of armies; And the biggest thing is that the people of Mewar were also ready to die fighting for their independence. Once Raja Mansingh of Jaipur had some enmity with Rana Pratap.

Man Singh had a great influence in the court of Akbar. Akbar sent a large army to defeat Rana Pratap. Rana Pratap took a front from this army in Haldighati.

The Rajputs showed unmatched valor in the battle, but they could not win in the face of such a large Mughal army. Most of the Rajput army died in the battle itself. Rana Pratap would have also been able to work in that war, but King Man Singh of Jhalawar gave his life to save him and requested him to get out of the battlefield, so that the fight for independence of Mewar could continue even further. . Rana Pratap had a quarrel with his younger brother Shakti Singh before, due to which Shakti Singh went to Akbar in anger. Now when Rana Pratap started returning from the battlefield, Paktisingh saw him.

He also saw that two Mughal soldiers were chasing Rana Pratap. Fraternal love awakened in his heart. He put his horse behind those Mughal soldiers. On reaching some distance, he killed both the soldiers and met Rana Pratap. In this time of calamity, both forgot their old enmity and embraced with love.

At the same time, Rana Pratap’s loyal horse Chetak died. Shakti Singh gave his horse to Rana Pratap and returned. After that Rana Pratap’s life of great difficulties began. He had to leave Chittor. They lived in the mountains and from time to time ran their business by plundering the logistics of the Mughals. But many times they did not even get bread to eat.

Fighting and suffering like this for years, once it is said that even Rana Pratap lost his courage and sent a message of treaty to Akbar. A Rajput poet named Prithviraj lived in Akbar’s court. Seeing the message, he told Akbar that it appeared to be some fake message. These are not the signatures of Rana Pratap.

Prithviraj wrote a letter encouraging Rana Pratap to continue his fight. New courage and new patience was found in Rana Pratap. He started his fight again. Before his death he had won back a large part of the Mewar-state. At the time of his death, Rana Pratap feared that his son Amarsingh was not a brave warrior as he himself was; Therefore, by stopping the war, he should not accept becoming a feudatory of Akbar.

But the trusted chieftains of Rana Pratap assured him that this would not happen in our lifetime. Amar Singh will keep Mewar independent. Hearing this, Rana Pratap was very satisfied and he left this world with great peace. The life of Rana Pratap is a shining story of perseverance, valor, sacrifice, courage and fortitude. There has hardly been any such priest of independence in the history of our country.

He knew that his opponent Akbar was very powerful and that many Hindu kings had joined him; There is no hope of victory by opposing him, yet he did not like to live a life of subordination after being defeated. If they wanted, instead of wandering in the dry hills of Aravalli, they could have made a treaty with Akbar and lived in palaces by mouth. But he did not like to sacrifice his honor and respect for the sake of happiness.

He understood that the dry bread of freedom was better than the pudding of slavery. This is the reason that today in history, Rana Pratap is mentioned with so much detail and respect, but the names of many kings who accepted Akbar’s subordination to avoid war and suffering, to get happiness, also have their names.

No one knows ; And even if he ever knows, he does not look at him with respect. Rana Pratap was a great priest of independence and our great caste leader. The story of his bravery will forever infuse courage and strength in the hearts of the youth.



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