essay on advantages and disadvantages of cinema

essay on advantages and disadvantages of cinema

Role- Cinema being audio-visual is a powerful medium of propagation and dissemination of ideas. On the one hand it provides cheap entertainment to the general public, on the other hand it also affects them. The impact of cinema is visible on the entire society nowadays.


Benefits of Cinema

Cinema has affected the youth a lot. The youth develop their personality by adopting the clothes shown in the cinema etc. Through the medium of cinema, people are motivated to sacrifice them by showing the ill-effects of the evils spread in the society.

Cinema also entertains us a lot, which gives us relief in times of stress. Not only this, but through cinema we also get many educative information.

Through this, we also get to know about many such subjects which we are unaware of. Apart from this, through cinema, we also get to know the untouched aspects of society. We get to know what kind of situation is in the society.


Disadvantages of Cinema

Along with the many advantages of cinema, it also has some disadvantages. Pornography and . There are a lot of crime scenes which have a bad effect on the society.

Due to the increase in the scenes of action, violence, theft in films, it has had a bad effect on the youth. Due to this it has become impossible to sit and watch the film with the whole family.

It is the side effect of cinema that today’s young Indians want to live a life according to western civilization, away from the ideal life-values.

To a large extent, cinema has done the work of removing the young generation from the sublime feelings like patience, sympathy, cooperation, dedication and sacrifice.



Cinema can play an important role in the solution of many problems of the society and nation, but unfortunately this means capable of inculcating good citizens and good values ​​is giving birth to evils and abominable tendencies in the younger generation. This is having a disastrous effect on the entire society.

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