Why new bloggers can not make money online?

Today by writing this Why new bloggers can not make money online article, it is not my intention at all to blow your trust by blogging or making money online in any way. Rather, my purpose is to tell you about the mistakes you make while blogging. And I also hope that knowing about all these mistakes, you will not repeat such mistakes again in your blogging career.

It will be very important for you to read this article completely. So that the new bloggers who make mistakes while doing blogging, from which their online income is not available or reduced.


Why new bloggers can’t make money online ?

Why new bloggers can not make money online?

Blogging is such a way to make online income from which you can earn as much income as you want. But a lot of people either because of their ignorance or because of someone else’s talk, either close this path or make it so long that it takes many months for them to earn even a little income from blogging. And what mistakes do they make, let’s know.


what is niche research in blogging ?

Many people must have seen many videos and articles on Make Money Online from YouTube, Google or anywhere else, in which it will be told how to earn money from blogging. And seeing those videos, many of you must have started blogging. Those who do not even know the ABCD inside blogging. Why New Bloggers Can’t Make Money Online 2022.

That is why they do not even know that before starting blogging, it is necessary to take a little information about the niche you are choosing, such as.

A lot of new bloggers do not even choose the right topic, they are interested in some other topic for their blog / website and there is someone else to choose. Due to which they are not able to give information-full articles to their users. Because they lack information about Ideas and the topic they choose.


what is Competition in blogging ?

Whenever a new blogger starts blogging, then he is going to select that niche, how much competition is there in him. How much Ranking Deficultiy is there on Focus Keywords of that Niche. It is necessary to know all this, but without seeing all this, he selects the niche of his blog, this is his first mistake.

Rather, all the new bloggers, they should see how much competition is there in their selected niche. So that they can know how they can beat that competition and get their website ranked in the search engine.


what is keyword in blogging ?

Whenever we create a blog or website, we research keywords for our website and blog. So that we can do technical and on-site SEO of our website and blog well and the home page URL of our website ranks in the search engine on a particular keyword. You can use Free Keyword Research Tools.

But these new bloggers do not do anything due to which their home page gets away from ranking. And new bloggers take a few more steps behind earning money from online blogging.


what is on page seo ?

Many new bloggers do not even know what is on-page SEO and how it is done, just take a little information from Youtube or any blogger. And he starts his blogging. Due to which their articles and website which is unable to rank properly in search engine and alternate way for ranking which is off-page SEO or you also have problem in doing link building. Due to which there is a lack of organic traffic on their blog and website.

So I must say that if any new person wants to do blogging, then he should take at least 70% knowledge about the methods and techniques of On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO and Link Building from the proper way. Only then should you think about blogging because both of these are the things that bring organic traffic to your blog/website and you can increase that traffic through these.


what is article writing in blogging ?

Many must have read or seen about how to earn money from article writing in the content written above or created on Make money online. In which, along with many other things, it must have been told that by creating your own blog, write some articles on it and earn money by placing ads. But new bloggers do not know some things inside blogging, then how can they earn money online. We are telling you about Jean.

One of the most important and important mistakes of blogging by new bloggers is that whenever they write a new article. So before writing it, do not do full content research on it. Like which website or on the Internet, how much information has already been published on that Perticular Topic.

Because if there is already a repository of information on the Internet or other websites, then why will they come to your website even your website is new and there is no trust rate or reputation of your website.

If new bloggers do proper content research by correcting their mistakes in this blogging. And if you write SEO Friendly Articles for your website, then they can provide better content to their users than others. Due to which any new user who comes to his website can make him a regular reader of his website.


what is link building ?

Link building is an integral part of Off-Page SEO and the easiest but most difficult way to get any website and its article / content ranked in search engines. And this is the thing where most of the new bloggers make mistakes.

By creating backlinks for your website and articles on or from any such websites, which are not legit at all, where Spam Score is more than the limit.

Also, by visiting every single website, making backlinks by making Ugli comments. Without understanding that what is written in that article and whether the website / content where he is making comments matches with his niche or not.

Yes, one thing is different that on websites where there is no Comments Moderator, the Comment gets automatically approved, but do new bloggers think that how high Comment Spam would be on such websites.

“To do link building, you must first look at the link building opportunities from where they can get legit and high-quality backlinks. And always create backlinks from Trusted and Reputed Website only.”


No or less organic traffic

There are many new bloggers who have very little or no traffic on their blog and website, so they should think about increasing the traffic on their website. There is no traffic on their website, that is why new bloggers lag behind in earning money.

Many new bloggers have articles or websites, their ranking is very low in the search engine. Other than that, the links are not able to rank in the search engine. And this is what New Bloggers Mistakes do.

They do not think at all that why their articles are not getting ranked in the search engine. And how can we get the articles of our website ranked in the search engine. So that we can also get some organic traffic on our website through the search engine.

Apply’s Ad Publisher Account

Without any basic support which we call Traffic. New bloggers can earn money only and only from traffic.

Here, there is 50 to 150 user traffic every day on the websites of many new bloggers, out of which if we count the organic traffic, then it is only around 3 to 5.

And even then New Bloggers Adsense or any other Ad network apply for their account. They also get Approval in many cases. But looking at the current traffic of his blog and website. If he thinks that he will earn a lot of money then he is wrong.

Until a particular number of traffic comes on their website, new bloggers will not earn or it will be very less so that it will take 3 to 4 months for them to get their first earning.

I believe that any new blogger has to make his website a good earning worthy before placing ads on his website. Only then and only then will he be able to earn a lot.


what is website customization ?

Also, new bloggers who do not even customize the template of their website or blog well. Due to which the users have to face a lot of problems. There is a problem in navigating from one page to another on the website or from one category to another. Due to which good user experience is not available.

New bloggers should always remember that people visiting our website should not face any problem in getting information from our website, for which it would be good if they take care of the following things.

1.Navigation – Helps users to navigate your website easily.

2.Social Sharing Buttons – When a user likes an article of yours, then he can easily share it through these social buttons.

3.Clean Home Page – The Clean Home Page of your website proves useful for users to easily find any article on your website.

4.Page loading Speed ​​- Good loading speed saves user’s time as well as it is also helpful for On-Page SEO.

5.Clear Post Feed – So that the reading user does not have any problem in reading any article on your website.

6.Images – Through images, the user who is there can understand your content very well.

7.Alt Text – This helps the crawlers of search engines to read the images of your articles.


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