How to make money online with affiliate marketing?

How to make money online with affiliate marketing – What is affiliate marketing and why is there a competition to earn money online through the Internet nowadays. And in this way, I have brought for you such a way to earn money online, using which you can easily earn at least 30000 to 40000 months from affiliate marketing.

The way you use your social media accounts, and social massaging apps like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, whats App, Telegram and Instagram by coming online every day. In the same way you have to use all of them.

You can earn more money using your Social Media Accounts than you can imagine. Through Affiliate Marketing. First of all you need to know what is Affiliate Marketing, how it works and how to make money online.


what is affiliate marketing ?

Affiliate Marketing is a program that is run by a large e-commerce, online shopping website. To make their website accessible to as many people as possible. is taken into use.

Anyone can join this program and start online earning for themselves.

If someone joins the Affiliate Marketing Program, he is given a unique Tracking Id. The Tracking ID through which he has joined the Affiliate Program of the website. Its products have to be promoted. In return, that website gives him commission.


how to earn money through affiliate marketing ?

How to make money online with affiliate marketing?

Many people join Affiliate Programs of different websites, but some are not able to earn much money because they do not have proper knowledge about how to earn money through affiliate marketing? That is why today we have brought an article full of information for you. Through which you will easily earn up to 40000 thousand rupees per month.

So let’s know how we can promote products in Affiliate Marketing Programs. More income can be generated from Affiliate Marketing than all other online income making methods, you just need to know the right way.

In the Affiliate Program, you can be paid in the following ways.

  • Wire Transfer
  • e-wallet
  • Check


Social Media – It is a great way to earn money by promoting and selling Affiliate Products. You can also promote products for free or even by investing a little money, you can run the ads of the products on the social media website.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linked in
  • reddit
  • Quora
  • WhatsApp
  • Youtube

These are some social websites and social messenger apps Content Sharing Platforms on which you can promote and sell products through your Affiliate Link. Here you will get two options, one free and the other paid.

  • In the free method, when you promote the product, you have to join different groups so that your Affiliate Link can reach as many people as possible.
  • In Paid Method, you give some money to these social media websites, take your Affiliate Link to reach as many people as possible. You can reach your Affiliate Link to at least 2500 people by running an Ad worth Rs 100 on Facebook. Suppose out of these 2500 people, only 100 people have bought that product from your Affiliate Link whose cost is 700 rupees, then according to your commission of 150 rupees, your commission is 15000 thousand rupees.

Affiliate Blogging 

In Affiliate Blogging  you create a free or paid blog on a platform like Blogger or WordPress. You can create a blog / website on Blogger for free. You have to pay some money on WordPress to create a blog.

You have to publish by writing articles on your website. You have to put your Affiliate Links in the articles written by you.

Also, you have to do On-Page SEO Techniques and Off-Page SEO for people to reach your blog and website to search engines.

If you want, you can also try paid methods to bring more traffic to your blogger blog. For example, through Google Adword, Bing, and many more ad platforms, you can place your ads on different websites.

It is very important that when you create a blog or website, then join with any trusted and reputed Affiliate Programs in the niche of your blog and website itself.

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