10+panchatantra stories in english with moral

panchatantra tales in english Hello friends welcome all of you to my blog. We all must have heard and read many stories from childhood. But also the stories of some such books which are quite entertaining. That’s why brought for you panchatantra stories in english with moral which is quite entertaining and some stories are big and some panchatantra short stories in english are short, so let’s start reading these stories


A story about the value of truth

A boy named Munna lived in a Vikas Sheel village.

Munna was survived by his mother, father and grandmother.

One day Munna is talking to her grandmother sitting in her house.

Munna:-  Dadi, why is Dad so bitter.

Grandmother :- (Hastened) Mad He loves you very much.

Munna: – You will only favor them.

Grandmother: – (laughing) Your mother also favors you.

Both laugh at this matter. That’s when Munna’s mother comes.

Mother: – What is the matter, what is going on among the grandchildren, which is the sound of laughing so loudly.

Grandmother: – Let him be among you. You son, do your talk.

Mother: – (laughing) That’s right.

Everyone laughs at this matter. After listening to the laughing voice of everyone, Munna’s father also reaches there.

Father: – What has happened that everyone is laughing so much?

Mother: – Nothing, just laughing at Munna’s words like this.

Father: – You keep joking like this, go and study.

Munna: – But Dad

Father: – No one else but go and study. Do whatever you want after the exam, but pay attention to studies now.

Munna gets up and goes to her room and sits down to read. Days like this are passed and Munna’s exam is over.

His friends are talking in the school verandah. Munna also gets involved in his talk.

Munna: – Hey guys, today’s plan is ready.

First friend: – Everything is ready. Today we will finish our work.

Munna: – There will be no mistake of any kind.

First friend: – There is no scope for mistake, we have prepared everything very well.

Munna: – Okay, let’s do this today.

As soon as the school bell rings, all the children run away and go to their class. After which they all sit and study in peace.

After the end of the class after some time, when all the children are running out of the class, then Munna and his friends stop a child with them.

Munna: – Listen, Rajan, we have to talk to you.

Rajan: – What do you do with me?

Second friend: – We want to befriend you, for which we have also brought your heart like laddu.

Rajan: – It is so, so be it.

The four shake hands with each other and arrive at the school door eating laddus, where a big car is parked.

Rajan: – Good friends, my car arrived and I go. See you tomorrow.

Saying this, Rajan sits in his car and leaves.

After which the other three friends look at each other and start laughing.

First friend: – It seems that this scheme will definitely work.

Munna: – Now it will be known what is the result of enmity with us.

After this, they all move towards their respective homes.

Rajan in his house.

Rajan: – What have I done to all of them that they do not like me so much? They are enjoying me very much by feeding me Jamal, but I also will not sit silent.

After this Rajan keeps coming in and out of the washroom all day and cursing Munna and his friends.

The next day, as soon as Rajan reaches school, Munna and his friends are seen waiting for him at the school gate, seeing that Rajan quickly gets down from the car and rushes to all of them running away.

Rajan: – Why did you do this to me? Man, you had made friends with all my heart.

Munna: – We do not want to be friends of anyone, especially not of a cottage.

Munna and his friends go to class with him. Rajan also moves towards the class behind them. Everyone studies well in class.

After the holiday bell rings, as the children start going out, Rajan stops the way of Munna and his friends.

Rajan: – You all know that my father is a con, yet you did this to me.

Munna: – Well, you will complain to your policeman’s father, okay go and make a complaint, we are not afraid of anyone.

First friend: – Do not complain in truth or else its father is not known, but my father will beat me a lot.

Second friend: – What are you saying, Munna, if he complained to his father really about us

First friend: – Yes, Munna will be very much beaten by everyone, we should apologize to him.

Munna: – But this too was very bad with me, then no one asked to apologize to him.

Listening to Munna, Rajan is completely shocked.

Rajan: – What have I done?

Munna: – Look, the drama is going on as if it does not know anything.

Rajan: –  Yes, I do not know you tell me what the man has done.

Munna: – Listen, that day when the bell of the entire holiday rang at half time, you had complained to me to Mastrji.

(Rajan, Munna and his friends think about that day. What happened that day after all.)

(That day in the past tense…

(Master: – Who is this mischief, who has done all this.

Rajan: – Masterji Munna has done, when I went out after ringing the bell, Munna Hai was standing near the bell.

Munna: – No, this man did not.

Masterji: – First of all, when you are satanic then you will be punished as soon as you speak falsely

Munna: – (crying) No Masterji, I did not do anything, leave me, Masterji I did not do any mischief, you believe my point, I did not do anything.)

in present…

Munna: – Only because of you, I was punished for the mischief that I did not do, no one trusted me, father too has given me a lot of data because of you.

Listening to Munna, Rajan is stunned. He is listening to Munna with surprise and speaks while answering him.

Rajan: – Believe me, Munna, I did not do all that life.

Munna: – I have come first in the exam this time, so you are jealous of me, then how can I assume that you did not do all this on purpose.

Rajan: – After ringing the bell, as soon as everyone came out, I saw you standing near the bell, so I thought that you have done all that, and then on Mastrji’s asking, I said what I saw but after that I came to know that You did not do that mischief, on which I also came to apologize to you, but you were so angry with me that you did not listen to me.

Munna: – I still don’t believe in you, you are very big.

Rajan: – Why should I lie, I believe this is my fault and I apologize to you for that too, forgive me.

After listening to Rajan and seeing his face, Munna gets confidence in him and he forgives her, after which they all become good friends and start living together forever.

Moral: – We learn from this story that one should never be accused without knowing the whole truth.


story the rabbit and the tortoise

The rabbit and the monkey were very good friends, they used to play themselves every day and sometimes even run. Seeing them, the tortoise also felt very much like running.

No one liked to play with a turtle because it moved very slowly. One day the hare and the monkey were running when the tortoise felt like running after seeing them.

Where are the turtles “Why don’t you guys play with me, I also want to play with you, feed me with you too” The rabbit and the monkey started laughing loudly after hearing the turtle. The rabbit did not say “you walk so slowly, how will you run, tell me”

The tortoise still wanted to run with them, so he said, “It means that I will lose and you will win, so why are you afraid of me” Hearing the turtle, the hare gets excited and says, “Okay that’s okay, come on, I will run with you, and the monkey will tell you who won.” “

The monkey said, “Okay, the one who comes back after circling the river before the end of the day will win, but the one who comes first after taking a round will win.”

The race started, the tortoise slowly started moving towards the river and on the other side, the hare had made half a round of the river in no time. The turtle thought, “It is impossible to win from me, that poor tortoise will be far behind, let me rest for a while.” “

The hare slept under the tree, but the poor tortoise kept walking around the whole river and won. The monkey was surprised to see the tortoise coming back first after circling the river. The hare had lost because of his pride and the tortoise won with confidence.

Lesson: We should never be proud.


3. two cats and a monkey story

There were two cats in the city, they both played together and roamed together. Both used to fight a lot over food. Both were very adept at stealing, whenever the door of someone’s house was left open, she would immediately go and drink milk from the kitchen.

Once both of them were roaming in search of food, suddenly on the way they see roti in front of a house. Seeing the bread lying on the way, the first cat says, “What a delicious bread this is, I have made arrangements to eat it. “

The other cat had also seen the bread lying on the way and he got angry after listening to the first cat and said “What did he say? This bread is mine, I saw it earlier, now go from here. ” Hearing this, the cat also gets angry and she says, “Do you always eat others’ food, snatch it from others, go away from here this is my bread.” “

Both the cats start fighting on this matter, the other cat also retorts and answers “Don’t fool me, this bread is mine, greedy.” ” Both the cats fight a lot for a piece of bread. Then his friend monkey comes there, the monkey says, “What a quarrel over such a matter, I cut the bread in half, both of you eat it.” “

Both the cats agree with the monkey talk and he says, “Yes, the monkey will be of great help to us, it always keeps fighting with me.”  To solve the problem of both of them, the monkey sneaks inside a house and brings a scale from there. The monkey divides the bread into two pieces and puts it on one side of the scale.

The monkey cleverly breaks the bread in such a way that the bread on one side remains big and the other side small. Now on the scales when the monkey holds part of both the loaves. Because of the big roti on one side and the small roti on one side, the scales are tilted on one side.

Now in order to equalize both the sides of that scale, the monkey breaks the big roti and eats it. But then the scales are bent again due to the lack of bread on both sides of the scales.

Now the monkey eats it again by cutting a big piece of roti. Just like this, the cunning monkey eats the whole roti little by little and both the cats start banging their heads seeing this.

Now seeing not a single piece of bread left on the scale, the first cat says, “What have we done, this clever monkey ate all our loaves little by little.”

The other cat also says, “Someone has rightly said that nothing happens by quarreling with someone, it would have been better for both of us to share this bread and eat it.” “

Lesson:- We should never fight with each other. In a fight of two, the third always has the advantage.


the broken pitcher story

There was a farmer named Shyam in a village. He had a small farm, he had two earthen pots which he used to bring water for his house every day. But one of them had broken. Because of which one pot used to be full and the other pot was half full.

The broken pitcher used to be very embarrassed because he could bring only half the water home. The new and perfect pitcher was very proud that he had brought all the water home, so he says to the photo clock, “You waste the hard work of dying by bringing half the water.” “

Hearing this, Photo Clock feels very bad. Hearing the words of both the houses, Shyam said to Gaya, “You are only seeing your evil and I am also seeing your hidden goodness, so I have never seen you at any time. ” The broken pot gets into thinking and Ho asks Shyam “But how? “

Shyam would say, “Every day when we come back from the river, half of your waterfalls on the ground, which helps in finding flowers there, so how can you say that you are of no use. The broken pot falls into thought and again asks Shyam “How did you help in all this? “

Shyam replied, “Now I have started selling those flowers along with farming, which would have brought me more money, with that money I buy more and better seeds for the farm.” It all happened because of you.”

Lesson: – We should never make fun of someone’s talent, but by finding its goodness, we should improve it further.


golden egg story in english

There was a man in a village and he used to do egg business, he also had a big chicken farm, there were many chickens in it. Every three men used to take care of all the chickens in the poultry farm and whatever eggs came, they would send them to the market.

One day he was going on the road and he saw a chicken. That hen was very thirsty and hungry, picked up that hen and brought it home, and started taking care of that hen with a lot of love.

Slowly that hen became healthy and that man started taking great care of that hen. Like every film, he came to his farm and was shocked to see the egg laid by that chicken. There was a golden egg in that place.

After that day every day that hen would lay a golden egg. With that egg, the man started buying everything he needed. Within a few days, he also bought a big house and many cows and bullocks.

After a month there was nothing left in his house to buy. In this, a bad thought came to his mind due to greed. He got into the thought of becoming the richest man in that village and in the whole world.

The next day he went to the farm and saw that you saw only one golden egg, then his mind was filled with greed. Now that man started thinking, “He can’t become the biggest man by taking one egg every day, why don’t I cut this chicken today and remove all the eggs at once and I will become very rich in this world.” “

The man greedily cuts off the stomach of that hen. If you look at the bite, there was no egg in it. Now after cutting the stomach of a chicken, he feels sad that he does not get a single egg and he thinks to himself, “What has happened, there was not a single egg in the stomach of this chicken, what should I do now”

The man realizes his mistake and thinks “my greed has caused a great loss”.

Lesson:- Greed always leads to loss.


the story of unity is strength

unity is strength short story – A very dangerous lion lived in a forest.

He was the king of the jungle and he was also very dangerous, so everyone was afraid of him.

When he wants to eat any jungle animal except four friends, except cows.

The four were very powerful because she was always together.

When all four cows were together, the lion would not be able to catch any one cow even after wanting it. The four took care of each other very much.

One day the four cows quarrel among themselves.

The four quarrel a lot and they decide that they will never be together from now on.

The lion sees all four cows quarreling and the lion takes full advantage of this opportunity.

The lion made his food to the four cows one by one.

Education: – There is a lot of power in unity.


the crow and the snake story

A crow is looking for a place in the forest to build a nest.

The crow sees a large tree in the middle of the forest.

The crow makes his nest by adding a straw and laying eggs in the nest a few days later.

There used to be a snake in a bill near that tree.

One day the snake saw eggs laid in the nest. Seeing the eggs, the snake’s mouth gets water.

But the snake does not hurry. The snake awaits the crows to move away from the nest.

The next morning when the snake sees the crow moving away from the nest, the snake slowly climbs the tree and eats the egg one by one.

On returning, the crow is very depressed after not receiving eggs.

Crow: – (crying) Where are my eggs?

After some time the crow lays eggs again.

The snake again sees an egg in the crow’s nest and the snake waits for the crow to leave.

After the crows leave, the snake again eats those eggs one by one.

Upon returning, the crow is sad to see the eggs disappear again.

The crow starts thinking, “How do eggs disappear from the nest?” “

After some time, the crows laid eggs and on the pretext of going out they were caught on the nearby tree.

By force, the snake climbed on the tree and started eating eggs.

Seeing this, the crow’s blood boiled and she tried to stop the snake but failed.

The crow began to fly, “How to get rid of the snake.” “

Then she turns to look at the queen in the palace, who was bathing in the pool with her friends.

The clothes and ornaments of the queen were kept near the pool.

Seeing the clothes and ornaments, the crow thought out a solution in his mind.

Immediately, the crows scattered the jewels of the queen and caught the diamond-studded necklace in flight.

Seeing the crow flying away with the Queen’s necklace, one of the Queen’s companions shouted loudly and said, “Look at the crow flying with the Queen’s necklace.” Soldiers go and grab that crow. “

The soldiers started chasing the crows.

Seeing the crow soldiers coming after him, the crow reaches over the bill of the flying snake and drops the diamond necklace into the snake’s bill.

All the soldiers go to the snake’s bill and break the snake’s bill.

The snake comes out, the soldiers are scared to see the snake coming out of the bill and return to the palace after hunting the snake and taking the queen’s necklace.

The crow is very happy to see the snake dead.

The crow lays eggs again and spends a happy life with his children.

Education: – The solution to any problem can be found with understanding.


farmer and cow story

Once upon a time, when one lived in a small village, a farmer named Dharmapala cultivated the crop himself, growing the crop.

He also had some animals, such as chickens, goats, pigs, and a big cow, which he liked very much. She loved the cow a lot because she used to give a lot of milk every day.

Most of Dharampal’s income was derived from cow’s milk. So he wanted the cow to always be healthy.

One day Dharmapala was working on his farm, so his son came to him crying, Bap- Bapu come quickly “What happened son”, perhaps cows are sick, lying on the ground, and making a strange sound, Neither is giving milk.

The farmer and his son immediately went towards the house, and it was seen that they looked very sick, even if they tried to extract milk, the milk did not come out.

Farmers are very worried, cow if it does not give milk, what will I do, without milk, it is useless for me, every time I do not have time for medicine and care, I have to do something or get rid of it Will have to drink.

The farmer felt that now the cow would not be able to recover, so he stood and walked towards the forest, the cow had given him a lot of milk, and now it was useless for him, the farmer left the cow open as soon as he went inside the forest, And went from there.


four greedy brahmin story

Panchatantra Story for kids – One day, four Brahmins were roaming inside the forest. After some time, he saw an ashram. Yogi Nanda used to live in that ashram. The four Brahmins went towards that ashram, Yogi ji went out and asked, who are you people, and why have you come here.

Guruji, we have heard a lot about your unique power, we are blessed to meet you, will you show us your miracle too? Yogi ji thought, these Brahmins have come here with good intentions, I should help them. Yogi went inside the ashram and brought four belches and handed them to the Brahmins.

Take this shovel and there is a pool near the village, there is a fig tree near that pool, dig the red soil near that tree, and try your luck. The four Brahmins arrived at that place with a shovel, and started digging. The first Brahmin found a copper rock while digging. O-O is amazing, copper rock, let’s go and share it among ourselves.

Oh no, we should sleep, and haven’t got it yet, we should keep digging. You can go if you want. The first Brahmin was satisfied, he went back. O God, silver, how lucky I am, let’s go and share it among ourselves, Sayed Yogi, was talking about this treasure.

We have not got the gold yet, we will keep trying, you will go if you want. You can The second Brahmin, satisfied with his attainment, went back. Look, we got the gold, let’s fill it in the sack. Looks like no, this is a special place, first copper then silver then gold.

If I make a little more effort, I might get diamonds. You can go, I will come back only with diamonds. Do not be so greedy, now you will not get anything in the end, we have got so much in the past too, let’s go. Neither I will come with diamonds, you will see.

The fourth Brahmin kept digging, and was also tired, and it was too late, but he did not stop digging. While digging, a lamp was formed on the ground, and suddenly Brahma fell into it, he found himself in a different world. And when he got up, he saw one man, on whose head one, the circle was spinning.

Brahmin was shocked. He asked, who are you, and what are you doing here. And on your head, how is this chakra? As soon as Brahmins asked like this, suddenly and Chakra came to his head, and started to roam. What is this, take this cycle away from me.

I cannot do anything, it is all in the hands of God, greedy people fall here, now you have to protect this treasure, you will not feel earthquake, nor thirst, nor will your age grow, even from death, you will be free. First, tell me, how can I get rid of this cycle.

When greedy people dig more, they fall here, someone else will fall like you. Oh no, such a big responsibility, I cannot bear the weight of this cycle, since when it was on your head. I do not know, I came this many years ago, when the rule of Maharaj Ram was going on.

I also got copper, silver, and gold, but I fell here in the greed of diamonds, I just don’t have anything else to say. Saying this, the seeker went back with the same clue. This is what he was digging, don’t know where he has gone, oh listen, my friend was digging here with me, have you seen him somewhere?

The seeker started laughing, and told the third brahmin the whole incident, brahmin forced and disappointed, went back home. Even after getting copper, silver, and gold, you did not stop. If you too had returned with us, all this would not have happened. Forgive me friend, now I can not help you.


Turtle master story 

Panchatantra story in English –  Was an old man. The Ganges lived on the shore. They had built a hut. There was a throne in the hut, a pot of mud filled with water and they kept a turtle sail. If you used to ask for bread in the nearby township in the afternoon, then you would have also asked for some gram. They used to feed soaked gram to the tortoise.
One day someone asked – ‘What dirty creatures have you kept, throw it in Ganga ji’.

Baba Baba got very upset. He started saying – “You insult my Guru Baba?” Do not see how a person becomes jiggery after getting a sound or pulling all his organs inside with the simple touch of someone. No matter how much you stir – they will not move even one foot.

‘What has happened to this? He asked.

‘Why haven’t you gone! Human beings should also be careful in this way, greed – greed and crowds should blindfold them and do Ram-Ram.

The real thing is that they used to run into the hut on seeing someone and started saying ‘Ram-Ram’ loudly. Did not speak at the call of call. Today, I do not know how he was speaking.

The man said – ‘Whatever you are, it looks disgusting.’
Baba said – “What has happened with this? For his ultimate benefit, he is also loved with lowliness.”

He started calling the turtle on the hatli and started singing –
“Very lowly love your love, your ultimate interest.”


Snake story

Once upon a time, a snake lived in a bill on a tree. He used to eat frogs and birds. He used to rest during the day and hunt at night. A few days later that snake became big.

And he could not enter that bill, so he thought that he would change his place now. The snake went to the forest, searching for his new house, he saw a big bill on a banyan tree.

Under that tree was the hill of ant, the snake came near the tree and said, From now on I will stay at this place, all of you leave this place and leave immediately.

All the animals and birds that lived near that tree were very scared, but there was no effect on the ants,, because that hill they had made from the great hardwork.

All the Cheetahs gathered together and surrounded the snake from all sides, And biting him, the snake was very much pained. And he started running away screaming, after that the snake never came back. And all the animals and birds started living there comfortably.

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