Top 5 Akbar birbal moral stories in english

Akbar birbal moral stories – All of you must have known akbar and birbal in english or read or heard their story. The stories of Akbar Birbal are so tremendous that they cannot be told. So that’s why in today’s article we have brought Akbar birbal moral stories for you, so let’s start.


1. The Persian trader 

Once upon a time in the court of King Akbar

Man Singh: – A businessman from Hazur, Iran wants to meet you.

Raja Akbar: – Well, Mr. Man Singh. Allowed.

The courtiers sounded.

Courtiers: – Shamsher Singh, appearing in the court.

Shamsher Singh moving to the court.

Shamsher Singh: – Adaab Huzoor….

King Akbar: –  Khushmadid, have you heard that you have come from Iran, how do you like it, hope you will like it.

Shamsher Singh: –  Excuse me, Hazur, this is the first time I have come, so far I have been ruined after coming this far.

Raja Akbar began to ask Shamsher Singh in surprise.

King Akbar: – How ruined… what? What is the problem?

Shamsher Singh: – Huzoor, I was bringing some goods from Iran that cost 500 gold asharfis, some fabulous clothes and some very good artisan samples.

Asking King Akbar.

King Akbar: – So what is the problem with this. Did you not get the price you wanted?

Shamsher Singh: – No, Hazur, the problem is not that when I was coming from Iran, I also met an Indian businessman who was moving back to India by selling his goods from Iran. He allowed me to load the goods on his ass.

King Akbar: – Okay, tell me next.

Shamsher Singh: – After reaching Hazur, Agra, he refused to return my goods to me, saying that the goods belonged to him, which he has brought from Iran to trade in India. Now I have some goods which I have sold Hey i can go back to my house

King Akbar: – This is a matter of great shame.

King Akbar: –  We will settle this matter. Do you know who that man is?

Shamsher Singh: – Yes, my name is Dilawar and I know his address.

Raja Akbar: – Soldiers, immediately go to the address of Samasher Singh and bring it to Dilawar.

After Dilavar was produced in court.

Dilavar: – Adaab Hazur.

King Akbar: – Tell me, do you go to this person?

Dilawar:  – Yes Hazur, this is Shamsher Singh from Iran.

King Akbar: –  So you know it, tell me why did you cheat with it?

Dilawar: – No, yes, I do not know, I have no

I did not dishonestly, that stuff was my own. When I was returning from Iran, it came to me and requested to come with me to India, it wanted to see India and it did not know the way, I was returning from Iran with the goods, so I thought why not.

Samasher Singh:  – No, Hazur, he said that he has lost all his money in gambling, he had no goods and started giving me his donkey at a low rent saying that you will also be helped and I will also go to my house Will get money for

Dilawar: –  No, it’s a bit of a lie. I just took it with me on my journey. The stuff is my own. When we arrived in Agra, I started saying that all the goods belonged to it and threatened me that if I did not pay it, it would be in the court. I will complain falsely.

King Akbar was furious.

Raja Akbar: – Enough is enough, Shamsher Singh, if that stuff is yours, then you will recognize that stuff and if you do not understand that stuff then Dilawar is telling the truth

Samasher Singh: – Yes.

Dilawar: –  (At the same time) No, Hazur.

King Akbar: – What do you mean, why don’t you allow your belongings to be identified.

Dilawar: – Huzoor, when we were coming towards India, Shamsher showed interest in the goods and I had shown it all my stuff. It will not hurt to recognize the same.

Shamsher Singh: – No, Hazur, it showed interest in my luggage and I showed it to me.

Dilawar: – This man is lying. You can ask my servant that he was with me and he will not lie in front of you.

Shamsher Singh: –  No, Hazur, his servant is also mixed with it, he will also speak falsely, it must have included him in his equipment as well. I do not have any evidence against it, but I am telling the truth, now you can help me.

After thinking about King Akbar.

King Akbar: – Birbal, I think you can now solve this problem and find out the real criminal.

Birbal: –  Yes, I am sure I will resolve this matter as soon as possible.

King Akbar: – What are you waiting for? Get the matter resolved as soon as possible.

Birbal: – Yes, I need a little time, in 1-2 days, the criminal will be in front of you, I am absolutely sure.

Raja Akbar: – Ok Birbal, if you want some time, then we will wait, till then Shamsher Singh, you will be our guest, remember if you are proved to be guilty then you will have to stay here as a guest for a long time in captivity. .

Shamsher Singh: –  I can understand that.

King Akbar: – And the matter of Dilawar, he cannot go out of the city till now, till this matter is resolved.

Dilawar: –  As you wish. I am not afraid of anything, just told the truth.

 We hope you will find out who is the criminal among these two.

Birbal: – Thank you very much, I am sure that I will be able to present the criminal in front of you in a day or two.

King Akbar was on his way out of the court.

( next day )

King Akbar: – It is said that Birbal has not yet reached the court.

Moving towards Birbal Durbar.

Birbal: – Adab Jahanpahan….

King Akbar: –  You said, have you come to know anything of the perpetrator?

Birbal: –  Yes, I have come to know who the perpetrator is and I can prove it.

Raja Akbar happily: –  Oh very well, tell Birbal who is a liar.

Birbal: –  Yes Jahanpanah Dilawar lies and Baiman too, Shamsher Singh is telling the truth.

King Akbar: – (surprised) Dilawar, we thought that Dilawar was telling the truth, he has his own shop, so he will do dishonesty, are you sure? How did you know

Birbal: – Jahapanah, yesterday evening I and Man Singh went to Dilavar’s shop to see his servant (Sukhiram) leaving the shop and we went silent and followed him to the dhaba.

The businessmen, friends of Jaipur and the owner of the dhaba were talking to each other on the dhaba.

The owner of the dhaba: – Come sit, have you come to Agra for the first time?

Merchant of Jaipur: – Yes, we have come to Agra from Jaipur for the first time. Actually, we have come to get some Iranian workmanship and can be brought back to Jaipur and sell it, can you tell who will get the Iranian workmanship on it?

Hearing this, Sukhiram got excited and started talking to the businessman of Jaipur.

Dilawar’s servant (Sukhiram): – Sorry, Hazur, I heard you talking about Iranian workmanship.

Merchant of Jaipur: – Can you tell us about some Iranian Kari merchants?

Dilawar’s servant (Sukhiram): My name is Sukhiram. I work with a multi-millionaire businessman. His name is Dilawar. He has returned from Iran a few days ago with some fine workmanship.

Jair’s businessman to Khusi: – This is a very good thing, can you show us that stuff right now.

Sukhiram: –  Yes, of course, accompany me.

Sukhiram, a businessman from Jaipur and his friend, moving towards the silver shop with him

On reaching Dilawar’s shop, Sukhiram tells the businessman and friend of Jaipur to stay for a few moments.

Sukhiram: – Wait a few moments, if they are not too busy, I will introduce them to you as soon as possible.

Merchant of Jaipur: – Definitely hurry.

After Sukhiram goes inside the shop

From Sukhiram Dilawar: At the dhaba I just met a businessman, he is looking for some Iranian workmanship and wants to buy.

Dilawar: – Very well, Sukhiram, he has said that.

Sukhiram: – I have asked him to stay outside. If you say that I should call them inside.

Dilawar: – Sure, why not ?

Sukhiram takes a businessman and friend of Jaipur and goes inside.

Sukhiram: – It has come to know that you have very good workmanship, can we see it now?

Dilawar: – Of course, Sukhiram bring all the goods.

After seeing the merchant of Jaipur and his friends, they exchanged their views.

Merchant of Jaipur: – What price do you want in front of all these.

Dilawar:  – You will buy all the goods, we will give you the value of all these items as 1000 gold asharfis.

Merchant of Jaipur: – We do not think that all these goods are of the best kind, we can give only half the price of these saree items, only 500 gold asharfis.

Dilawar: –  Half the price, (surprisingly) this half is not of Bahrain variety.

The merchant of Jaipur and his friends after closely examining the goods.

Businessman of Jaipur: –  Actually, my friend is seeing something wrong with these things, now we will be able to give only 300 gold Ashpuris of all these items. Now the decision is on you.

Dilawar: –  Well, 300 Ashrafiyya is right.

Merchant of Jaipur: –  The deal is approved. Tomorrow morning you will come with money and take all these things.

Birbal told all this story to Akbar but King Akbar could not understand all these things.

King Akbar: – Just explain how these things will prove that Dilavar is lying.

Birbal: – Ship, no businessman will accept his goods so quickly.

Or would I be willing to take the price for such a quick work, I only understood that this stuff is not for Dilawar and is willing to take any cost for these goods.

King Akbar: –  (Thinking deeply) You are right.

Birbal: –  When I believe that Dilawar is lying, we scare Dilawar’s servant by telling him to lie and spew the truth from him, now he is ready to give a witness against Dilawar.

After hearing all the testimony, the king became angry at the newspaper.

King Akbar: –  To be introduced to Samasher and Dilawar.

After presenting Shamsher Singh and Dilavar to the court.

King Akbar: –  (From Dilavar) You must be ashamed of a man who cheated on your help. We sentence you to imprisonment for a whole year and in order to harass Shamsher Singh, 500 gold ashramis will have to be paid as fine. Take away the soldiers from our point of view.

Shamsher Singh: – Thank you Hazur….

Raja Akbar: – Thank you Birbal who proved the brilliance of Dilawar with his wonderful style

She started being the same of King Akbar in the court.

Sehenshah Akbar Hail….

Sehenshah Akbar Hail….


2. Saint or villain 

One night in the kingdom of King Akbar…

A soldier: –  I apologize for hurting you this time.
But I had to talk to you.

King Akbar: – Say that. Wow .

Soldier: –  This is about my niece. His parents were killed by a bandit a few months ago.

Raja Akbar: –  (thinking very carefully about the soldiers) Very bad happened. Tell me ahead

Soldier: –  She says that the monk is living under the guise of a robber and he has killed his parents. She is only ten years old, Huzur. But I think she is telling the truth.

King Akbar: –  Well, it is time for us to sleep but tomorrow morning bring it to the court, we will look into it.

Soldier: – Good morning ship, I apologize again for hurting you. (Saying this, the soldier goes out of King Akbar’s room.)

The next morning at the court of King Akbar, King Akbar orders Sukhdev Singh to arrest all the bandits. After capturing all the bandits.

Raja Akbar: – Birbal, Sukhdev Singh Ji, one of our trusted soldiers told us a problem last night.

Birbal: –  Tell me, Hazur, how can we help you, and what is the problem, Hazur.

From Akbar Sukhdev Singh: Sukhdev Singh, we have entrusted you with the task of arresting all the dacoits in our state and all around. The soldier told that the robber killed his brother a few months ago. Tell me, have you arrested all the dacoits?

Sukhdev Singh: – (hesitating) Huzur, we managed to catch almost all the dakuos, except one robber we could not catch, his search is still going on and he is probably hiding. I am sure that we will arrest him soon too. Anyway, there has been no such incident in the last three months.

King Akbar: – You mean a bandit is still free?

Birbal: – Huzoor, tell me the problem, maybe we can help.

King Akbar: –  That soldier told us that his niece has identified the robber and he is hiding in the guise of a blind monk. How can we trust a little girl and many people trust the power of that monk.

Birbal: –  Any magician who lures poor naive people with his miracles through his illusion. We can find out when we get a little information. Why don’t we meet that soldier and his niece and listen to their story.

King Akbar: –  Yes, we were also thinking the same. The soldier, Dilawar Singh and his niece should be introduced in the court.

Dilawar Singh and his niece headed towards the court…

Dilawar Singh and his niece to King Akbar: –  Adab Jahanpahan Adab…

King Akbar: – Now tell us the whole story.

Dilawar Singh: –  Jahanpahan, about three months ago a robber entered my brother’s house. He killed my brother and his wife. This little girl is their daughter and the witness of that incident also caused heavy shock since that incident. The power to speak was lost.

King Akbar: –  Then what happened.

Dilawar Singh: –  A few weeks ago, I heard about a blind monk who lives in the forest. Those who have the power to cure people, many patients would have been cured after meeting them and would have been relieved, I thought that if they are involved in such a thought, then maybe they can cure my niece too.

So I went with him to meet my blind niece and meet the blind monk. As we approached them, my niece shouted loudly, “Khooni, the murderer, this is what killed my parents.” This is a bloody murderer. “

Devotees of the blind monk: – (surprised) What is this girl speaking. Shut it up

Dilawar Singh: – It was a miracle, after the death of its parents, it did not say a word for months. She started speaking again with the power of Sadhu Maharaj.

Dilawar’s niece: No .. no…, this is a murderer, I can never forget this face, this is not a monk. It is bloody.

Devotee: –  You make her mouth shut, she is begging our sage Maharaj, who has returned her voice to it.

Blind monk: –  No… no…, let it be a little girl, she is in a lot of shock.

Dilawar Singh: –  You should not talk like this about Sadhu Maharaj, he has returned your voice.

Dilawar’s niece: – This monk has not opened.

Blind monk: – You take it from here, otherwise I will take its voice back from it.

Dilawar: –  Forgive this. Sadhu Maharaj does not know what he is saying. Come on, otherwise you will lose your voice again. (Saying this, Dilawar silenced his niece and took her with him)

Dilawar: – Jahanpaah, I took it home. But now she is insisting that she was the same face and she is telling the truth. I also believe that we do not have any evidence on Hazur.

Raja Akbar: – (Thinking deeply, he says) But how will it prove that this girl is telling the truth.

Birbal: – Huzoor, we can find out whether this man is a true blind monk or a hypocrite. Can i talk to you

Birbal reveals his plan to King Akbar.

King Akbar: –  Hmm .., okay. We ourselves will go tomorrow and meet the monk.

King Akbar goes out of court.

The next day King Akbar goes to meet the blind monk with some of his soldiers.

Devotee: – Emperor Akbar Alive After Emperor Akbar Alive.

King Akbar: – Salutations Sadhu Maharaj

Blind Sage: –  Come Beta.

King Akbar: –  We have heard so much about your power and miracles that we had to come.

Blind monk: –  This is not a belief, it is a matter of faith, believe in the power of the one above and anything can happen.

Raja Akbar: –  This is your greatness, Sadhu Maharaj, we have come to offer some prasad and want your blessings.

Blind monk: – Our blessings are with you.

Then Birbal arrives with Dilawar and his niece, taking the sword.

Birbal: – This is that dishonest, bloody I will cut my head right now and kill the murderer. (Saying sword strikes blind monk)

Then the blind monk also takes hold of Birbal to protect himself.

All the people present there go to the square after seeing the monk.

King Akbar: –  So you are blind yes. The soldiers arrest this fake monk.
You have orphaned this innocent baby girl and have played with the trust and sentiments of the people. For this, we hear you to death. Take this man.

King Akbar: –  You have bravely supported the truth bravely, my girl, you will be rewarded for this.

Dilawar and Dilawar’s niece: Thank you Jahanpahan.

King Akbar: –  Thank you Birbal who supported the imposter monk.

Birbal: –  No, Hazur, no one will naturally protect themselves if they are not really blind, so they were caught.


3. Birbal’s Polenta 

Birbal had earned a name for his intelligence and cleverness. King Akbar used to be amused by Birbal’s comments and jokes. Akbar was very pleased with Birbal’s intelligence and cleverness.

Once Akbar and Birbal were talking on the banks of the pond. A gust of cold air passes over them both. As the air rises, the weather gets colder.

Akbar puts his hands in the water of the pond and immediately takes it out. The water has become so cold that even a hand could not be placed on it, suddenly a thought comes in Akbar’s mind.

Akbar: – Birbal, do you think any man can do anything for money?

Birbal: –  Yes, a man can do anything for money, if he is in dire need of money.

Akbar thinks again about this.

Akbar: – I do not agree with you, I do not think that any person can stay in the cold water of this pond for the night, no matter how much money he needs.

Birbal: – But I can find a man who can stay all night in the water of this pond without any difficulty.

Akbar: – Ok Birbal.

Birbal: – I can bet you, if I can find someone who can stand all night in this water, will you give him 1000 gold pieces. I can get a week.

Akbar: – Well, I agree with this.

Saying this, both go to the palace. From the next day Birbal starts searching for that person and starts searching far and wide. Birbal sets out towards the village to find him and he finds a man sitting outside his hut sad. Birbal immediately visits him.

Birbal: – Why are you sitting so depressed like this?

The man raises his head and looks at Birbal.

Poor man: – I am in great trouble, can you help me. My daughter is getting married next week and I am in dire need of money, can you give me the money? I have neither land nor anyone is willing to pay me.

The poor man starts crying while saying this. Birbal is moved to see the man crying and realizes that the man he was looking for has found him.

Birbal: – I cannot give you money, but I can definitely help. If you accept a challenge, you can help yourself.

The man sees a silver lining.

Poor: – Well, I will.

Birbal: – You have to stand all night in a pond on the shore, in cold water and do not move even 1 minute from there, if you are able to do this, then the king will give you 1000 gold coins as a reward.

Poor: – Okay Huzoor, I accept. I promise you that I will stand overnight in the cold water of that pond.

Birbal takes the man with him to the palace and presents him to King Akbar.

Birbal: – Huzoor, this man accepts your challenge.

King Akbar watches the man closely.

King Akbar: – If it is ready, then this man should be given an opportunity to stand overnight in the cold water of that pond tonight.

That night the poor man stands alone in the cold water of the pond. Akbar asks some of his soldiers to stand around him so that the man cannot cheat for money.

That night the man is asked to stand in the middle of the pond and two soldiers are guarding him by the side of the pond. That night the man passes the whole night without moving from his place.

The next morning, as soon as the first rays of the sun are seen, the man is allowed to get out of the pond. The soldiers take him to King Akbar.

King Akbar: – Soldiers, did this man come out of the pond or not?

Soldier: No, Huzoor, this man did not come out of the cold water of that pond even for a moment.

Akbar goes to the Chowk and asks the man.

King Akbar: – How did you spend the whole night standing in that cold water.

Poor: – I had my eye fixed on a lantern near there which was on the bank of the pond. It caught my attention when the lantern moved. Seeing the lantern burning, I was able to stay overnight in the cold water of the pond and did not get out of the summit.

Akbar: – You took the heat through the lure in the cold water of the pond and could stay all night in that cold water, it is unfair. You have won the challenge in the wrong ways, now you will not get any reward.

Hearing this, the poor man goes to the Chowk and he immediately goes to Birbal for help.

The poor man reaches Birbal weeping and explains in detail all the things that have happened in Akbar’s court. Birbal is not happy with Akbar’s result. Birbal thinks for a while and asks the man to return to his house, he will soon find a solution and return the money to his prize.

The next day when Birbal does not come to Akbar’s court, Akbar practices his absence and wonders where Birbal will be right now.

Akbar asks one of his soldiers to go to Akbar’s house and find out. After some time, the soldier comes with the news.

Soldier: –  Maharaj, Birbal is busy making khichdi. Birbal has said that he will come only when his khichdi is ready.

King Akbar spends an entire day waiting for Birbal.

The next morning Birbal does not appear in the court, then King Akbar thinks that he himself should go to Birbal’s house to see what Birbal is doing till now.

When King Akbar arrives at Birbal’s house, he sees Birbal setting a fire in his courtyard and heating a pot 5 feet up. The pot is filled with rice, grains and water. Akbar and the soldiers laugh at Birbal.

Akbar: – You know Birbal, what are you doing?

Birbal: – Jahanpanah, I am making khichdi.

Akbar: – What’s wrong with you, Birbal, do you think that you will be able to make khichdi by hanging rice mat 5 feet above the fire.

Birbal: –  Yes, if a poor man can take heat from the flickering lantern burning away, I can also make khichdi by hanging matka 5 feet above the fire.

King Akbar realizes his mistake after listening to Birbal.

Akbar: – Birbal, I was delighted once again with your intelligence. You have helped once again to make a good decision.

King Akbar calls the poor man and gives 1000 gold coins as a reward.

The poor is very happy. The poor king thanks Akbar and Birbal and invites him to his daughter’s wedding.


4. The Unlucky Servant 

Once upon a time, in the morning, two soldiers were talking among themselves.

Then one of the two soldiers looked at an old servant who was watering the flowering plants in the garden.

Then he asked the other soldier: Who is the one who is giving water to the plants so early in the morning?

The second soldier said: This is a wretched Bhiku, working like a donkey all day, yet still eating the streets.

That’s when the other soldier says: Don’t look at him, you will have to eat the streets all day to see his face.

Then those people start going from there.

Then the soldier speaks to another soldier: Bhiku is so wretched, so why does Shehensha not let him out?

That’s when the other soldier says: Shehnsha will never do that, he is a noble hearted king and he will never take away the poor’s livelihood.

Second soldier: Yes, this is true, our heart will not be found in the whole world like a shehnsha.

And both those soldiers leave from there.

Then in the morning Maharaj Akbar’s sleep opens, and he wakes up, and rises to drink water towards his water vase.

But the water in the urn is exhausted.

Then Maharaj calls: Someone is here, bring water.

That’s when both of those soldiers hear the voice of the King, then one of them says: You heard, shehensha is getting water.

Second soldier: And yes, I quickly send a servant with water.

The second soldier then goes in search of a servant who can turn the water on to the king.

That’s when Maharaj starts tasting Pani Pani, and speaks angrily: There is someone who will give me water.

That is when the first soldier speaks on his own: Shehensha is asking for water and there is no one to give it.

Then another soldier comes and says: There is no one here.

Then the two soldiers went to the kitchen to find a person who could turn water on the king.

The king now started screaming loudly, saying water and water too loudly: That’s when Maharaja hears Akbar’s voice, Bhiku.

Maharaj Akbar says: Hey, where have all the people died, bring me water.

And speaks to himself: Shehnsha is asking for water and no one is going to give, no one is visible, I myself go and give water to Shehensha.

Maharaj Akbar says: Hey, where have all the people died, bring me water.

Then Maharaj is present near Akbar with Bhiku water.

And says that this is water.

Maharaj says: Bhiku you?

Bhiku speaks: Yes Hazur, there was no one around and you had been giving voice for water for quite a while.

Maharaj says: Wretched face, that too sublime in the morning, now the whole day may not go bad.

Hearing the words of Bhiku Maharaj, he speaks unhappily: Ji Hazur.

Then the Maharaj drinks the water brought by Bhiku, then the pain starts in the stomach of the Maharaj.

A glass of water falls from Maharaj’s hands in which Bhiku brought water, after Maharaj drinks water.

There is a lot of pain in the stomach of the King, Bhiku speaks with frightened nature: What happened?

Then the two soldiers reach there with a man who has water, and they ask: What happened to Shehensha?

Then the man who brought water, says: Can not see, their health is bad and what is this wretched Bhiku doing here? It is because of this that Shehensha’s health has deteriorated.

Then both the soldiers beat Bhiku and expel him from there.

That’s when a soldier says to the man who brought water: Call Hakim Saab as soon as possible.

Maharaj Akbar starts getting a lot of pot in the bed due to stomach ache and falls from the bed causing a sprain in his legs.

Maharaja starts screaming as Mera Peer Mera Peer and faints.

Does the queen ask?

Maid: Shehnsha saw Bhiku’s face early in the morning.

Maharani: Shehensha is right, isn’t it?

Maid: How can this be possible?

Maharani: Has anyone gone to call Hakim Saab? Shehnsha’s stomach ache started from her drinking water, she fell off the bed and sprained her legs.

Maid: Yes, he is treating Maharaj, just requesting Uppar that the sheensha should be cured.

The Queen tells the maid, let’s go to the Maharaj.

The Maharaj is resting on his bed and the bandage is tied on his pare when the Empress approaches him.

To Maharani Maharaj: How is your health now?

Maharaj Akbar: Feeling relieved from medicine.

Her Majesty: Now you just relax.

Maharaj Akbar: Where is Her Majesty the Queen. Many such works which are being seen in my court will be left incomplete.

Her Majesty: Why are you stubborn?

Maharaj Akbar: It is not a stubborn act. Shehensha will remain asleep, so how will the country grow?

Shehensha sits in his court.

And the courtier Shehensha starts coming to the court saying, Salamat Rahe.

Birbal is also present in the court.

Maharaj to the courtiers: First of all, tell me whether the flocks arrived from magnolia?

Courtier: No, where the Chinese merchants bought those sheep at double the price from us.

Maharaj: Hmm, what news have our spies brought about the wagons?

Detective: The news is not good, Hazur, tigers can attack our forces.

That is when all the people present in the court hear this and go out of fear.

Then another courtier arrives: Sehensha comes to the court saying, Salamat Rahe.

From Maharaja Darbari: Rehman, what news have you brought?

Courtier: The news is not good, our army had to face defeat in the desert of Huzur, and warriors were also killed from our boht.

Everyone goes to the square after hearing this.

Then another courtier comes and says: I have brought bad news.

Courtier: Your favorite horse, Rustom Chal Basa Huzoor.

Maharaj Akbar: Rustom settled down?

Courtier: G. Hazur Rustom settled. And by saying this the courtier starts crying.

Maharaj Akbar speaks in his heart: What a wretched day, not a single good news has come, is it not because of that wretched Bhiku whose face I saw in the morning?

A courtier: The reason is that Hazur, after seeing his face in the morning, bad news is coming from all the four sides.

Then another courtier says: Because of that we did not find the sheep of Mongolia.

Detective: And the rebels start rebelling again.

Then Maharaj started getting angry.

Second court: Our army, which used to chew gram of enemies, also had to face defeat.

Maharaj’s anger started growing.

Courtier: Rustom also left you.

Second courtier: Ho na ho ho, this is happening because of the same wretched Bhiku.

Maharaj was red with anger.

Only then does a courtier say: Before we come and sufferings, hang him.

Hearing this, Birbal goes to the Chowk, what is this brother saying.

Then all the present courtiers started speaking: Yes, Hazur hanged him, calling him hanged and started demanding his execution.

Maharaj speaks angrily: Well tomorrow morning before the sun comes out Bhiku will be hanged.

Hearing this, Birbal goes from the Chowk, Birbal does not like this decision of Maharaj, this was reflected on Birbal’s face.

All the courtiers were demanding the hanging of Bhiku except Birbal. Birbal stood with a sad face.

That’s when Maharaj asks Birbal, it seems you are not happy with our decision.

Birbal speaks: No, I don’t judge you on the criteria.

Birbal: But I want to say something.

Maharaj Akbar: Say it.

Birbal: You did not find the sheep of Mongolia, so what is the law of Bhiku in this?

Birbal: Baaghi Toh often keeps raising his head, Hazur-e-Bala, how does Bhiku do it for him?

Then Maharaj starts thinking.

Birbal: As far as our army is concerned in Rajasthan, it is a victory to lose in the battle field, Huzoor = Ai = Bala.

Birbal: We have won the battles from Bohot but Bhiku cannot be held innocent for what is green.

Then Maharaj thinks and looks towards Birbal.

Birbal: The sorrow of the death of your favorite horse Rustom is as much grief as you are, but just think, he was old, he had to go today or not tomorrow.

Birbal: And the question remains of your stomach’s pain, what is the fault of poor Bhiku, he was serving you by drinking water.

Birbal: I think your stomach ache is due to overeating at the royal feast last night.

Birbal: You take precautions, you and all the court present here consider Bhiku as ill-fated, but for Bhiku, you are the biggest ill-fated one, Hazur-e-Bala.

On hearing this, Maharaj Akbar started looking at Birbal with a strong anger and the people present in the court also looked at him with anger.

Birbal: You say that you saw Bhiku’s face in the morning, so he also saw your face in the morning, you are Shehnsha will be alive, but Bhiku, that poor person will be hanged in the crime of giving you water.

Birbal: Just think what justice it is.

Maharaj Akbar: Birbal! You opened our eyes, saved us from being trapped in the trap of superstition, you would not have been hanged by an innocent and would have committed a lot of crime, we take back Bhiku’s sentence.

Maharaj Akbar: Birbal! You opened our eyes, saved us from falling into the trap of superstition, you would not have done so much by committing the execution of an innocent, we would have taken back the punishment of Bhiku, and he dictates that if the mind is any Bhiku is found to be calling a wretch, 100 whips will be killed at the crossroads.

Birbal was pleased to hear this talk of Maharaj and his heart is relieved.

The faces of all the courtiers get off.

On the second morning in the morning Bhiku goes silent after knocking out the door of Birbal’s house.

Birbal: Calling who is who.

Bhiku: I am Hazur Bhiku speaks silently, so that Birbal cannot see his face.

Bhiku: I have come to thank you.

Birbal: Come in front of Bhiku, see your face, I wake up in the morning and embrace Smiling Birkha Birbal.


5. Gold Coin or Justice

Once in Akbar’s court.

Akbar asked Birbal: – “My dear friend Birbal if you had to choose one in justice and gold coins, then whom would you choose?”

Birbal (without wasting any time): – “Maharaj, I would have chosen gold coins without any doubt.

Hearing this, everyone including King Akbar was shocked at Birbal’s immediate reply and thought that this time Birbal took the decision of Gala.

King Akbar: – I was very disappointed with you. Why to choose something less valuable as justice.

Birbal smilingly replied: – “My dear king, there is no courage to justice, because there is justice everywhere in your kingdom. I felt that I did not need to ask for anything that I had in abundance but my lord, surely the lack of money and gold coins would be good.

King Akbar was very happy to hear the words of Birbal and he gave 100 gold coins to Birbal as an offering.

Moral of the story: – Everyone should say it wisely.


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