Top 5 famous friendship stories with moral

inspirational stories about friendship

Hello friends, welcome to all of you on this blog and take famous friendship stories for you which have happened at some point in your life, let’s read this inspirational stories about friendship


inspirational stories about friendship

Once Gattu and Chinki were playing in their garden.

Both Chinki and Gattu are five years old. They do not know about right and wrong.

That’s when they heard the barking of a dog. At first, they did not pay attention to him, but when the dog did not stop barking, Chinki went to see near the gate.

“Why are you barking,” asks the Chinese dog. “

But the dog does not stop barking. On this matter, Gattu would say, “Looks like this is not going to be accepted. I tell it so”

Gattu is about to hit the dog by picking up a stone that Chinki would say to Gattu, “Wait, Gattu, it is a wrong thing to kill any unmatched person like this. Let’s take it inside.” “

Chinki lovingly took her inside the house, cleaned her wounds, watered her ointment, and loved her a lot.

You Chinky wanted to keep that puppy with you. Half of Chinki’s attention would have gone to take care of that dog only.

Gattu gets annoyed by this. Gattu is jealous of that dog and wanted to drive that dog out of his house.

Naughty Bittu did not like the same thing, how can anyone love a dirty animal so much. That is what was going on in Gattu’s mind.

Chinky named the dog Moti. Seeing Chinki love Modi so much, Gattu was in a bad state of jealousy, but the naughty Gattu was about to stop.

Gattu started using devilish methods to make Moti run away from home. When Gattu thinks of teasing Moti, Chinki would come and save him.

One day, see Gattu tied the pearl outside. Would have suggested an idea to Gattu.

Gattu takes Moti with him but comes back alone.

After some time Chinki starts searching for the pearl, but the pearl does not get anywhere, Chinki is in a bad state after crying. Gattu was sad for Chinki but he was happy that Moti was gone.

That same night a thief enters the house and shouts, “Save, save it will bite me. Save”

All the members wake up from the house and when they come out and see, Moti was running to the thief.

At first, Gattu felt that he was running a man in some way, who accidentally entered his house. Suddenly he noticed his bicycle which fell near the gate.

The people of the whole house caught the thief and handed him over to the police. Now Gattu realized his mistake.

Gattu was very devilish with Moti but still, he saved Gattu’s bicycle from being stolen. From that day on, Gattu and Moti developed a good friendship.


story of two friends and a bear

Both Golu and Monu were very good friends.

Golu was a very shy and timid boy and Monu was very naughty and courageous.

One day, both of them thought that they would go to a nearby fair.

But Golu did not agree with this. Where did he go from Molu? Molu We have to pass through the nearby forest to reach the village fair. Are you not afraid? “

Monu said, “Don’t worry, Golu, we will do nothing, all the creatures of the forest are my friends, let’s do nothing with me.” “

Soon he reached the forest. Golu came along with Molu, but there was a lot of horror as the frightening sound of the forest frightened him further.

Golu did not fear, so started singing the song Molu.

After a while, he heard the sound of the bear behind him, now Molu also started trembling with fear.

Golu was already scared, now he was afraid to hear the sound of the bear and he asked Molu, “What was that?” “

Monu is also nervous and he is also scared and he replies, “She is a bear.” “

Saying this, he looked around and saw a tree. He ran quickly and immediately climbed the tree.

Golu could not understand what to do. Suddenly he thought of an idea and he lay down on the ground holding his breath.

The bear sniffed at him and thought he was dead. The bear went away.

Monu came down from the tree to Golu and asked Golu, “I saw that bear saying something in your ear. What did he say?” “

Golu replied “He said that I should be cautious and stay away from my mean friend like you.” “

Molu bowed his head in shame, then Golu said “Because you are my best friend, I forgive you this time but don’t make such mistake again.” “

Both friends walk towards the village.

Lesson :- It is a human habit to make a mistake, but it is a human’s ability to forgive.


Rabbit’s True Friendship story

Many years ago there used to be a rabbit in a forest. He used to play devilishly, jump, roam in the forest every day.

But poor health worsens one day. All the animals would know about his illness from one to the other by the third.

All the animals of the forest had gathered to know about the condition of the rabbit. First a monkey comes out towards the rabbit’s house.

Looking at the rabbit read with the sweltering fever in the condition of illness, he said, “Friend, you have a slight fever, don’t worry, it will go off on its own”

He advised for free, after which he took a banana and guava kept near the rabbit and went back to see the rabbit a little consolation.

After hearing about the disease of the rabbit, an elephant came to his house to know his condition and said, “My friend, what happened, your health deteriorated, but no matter how heavy animals like us sometimes get sick.” You are a small animal, your fever will go down quickly. Do not panic. “

After that he ate the stuffed potato carat and sago of rabbit and went away.

After a while, a cat came there to inquire about the rabbit’s condition. He said to the rabbit, “Friend, the weather has changed, so you have a slight fever, and if you take rest one day it will be reduced.” “

After this, he licked all the delicious and aromatic ghee butter kept in the rabbit’s house and went from there with a laugh, after which the jackal and the fox came together to know the condition of the rabbit.

Looking at the rabbit lying in a state of sickness, he said, “Friend, I have been telling you since that time to stop eating that grass and learn to eat meat like us, you did not listen to us, so you are sick and lying in bed, saw us meat.” Eat and live quickly. “

“That is all right, you will get well soon. Tell us that there is something hidden for us to eat,” the fox says.

“Anyway, you take good care of the guests,” said the fox. Then both of them searched the whole house but there was no food left for them. Then both of them went away from there, angry at the rabbit.

Both of them were going back that the lion was coming from the front. Both of them understood that the lion is going to the rabbit house. He said, “Sher ji, you are going to the rabbit’s house, what is kept in his house, we have sifted well no bone or any piece of meat”

“Those who went before us ate all the food of his house,” the fox would say.

“Can’t even get up from bed to take care of the guests, so it would be useless for you to go to the rabbit’s house”, thus both of them told the situation of the rabbit’s house to the lion.

Then the lion did not say “So this is the case, then it would be useless to go to the rabbit’s house, it would be better if I hunted in the forest and filled my stomach. “

Saying this, the lion left from there.

Finally, a very old friend of rabbit, the bee reached there and he did not go empty handed, brought two bottles of honey together.

Seeing the vein of the rabbit, he said, “My friend, your fever has increased, I just bring the lawful”. He flew away and went to the bear’s house. He would treat any animal in the forest if he fell ill.

The bee came flying and told the bear the whole subject and then came with him to the rabbit’s house. The bear saw his pulse and gave him medicines.

Rabbit fever completely subsided within two days. The rabbit again became as fast healthy as before.

Lesson: – The person who accompanies in sorrow is the true companion.


best friend short story

Varun and Dhawan were good friends. Varun was the son of Vegeta Wale and Dhawan Shaukar’s son. Both used to go to school together. Both were also good in studies.

First comes in Dhaval Vidyalayal and Varun comes second. Dhawal was rich but there was no boasting of this. Dhawal had a flaw in his nature, he used to get angry very quickly.

Once the result of the school examination comes, all the children of the class are surprised.

Teacher: – Every time Dhawal comes first in class and Varun is second but this time the result is unique. This year, Varun overtook Dhawal to finish first. We should congratulate him for his success.

All the children of the class congratulate Varun on his success. On one hand, Varun was happy with his success and on the other, Dhawal was not feeling defeated.

After class, Dhawal is sitting alone on the beach alone.

Varun:-  Dhawal, why are you sitting alone. Let’s go into the sea and look dupy.

Dhaval: – I do not want to talk to you, you have achieved the first position by deceit in the examination.

Varun: – What are you saying, Dhaval. You know, I never cheat.

Varun is saddened by this bitter talk of Dhawal and starts writing something on the sand.

Dhawal is ashamed of himself after reading the words written by Varun.

“Today Dhawal quarreled with me and called me a cheater”

Dhaval: – I did not fix it. Varun is a good friend, he will never cheat. He has finished first with his hard work. I should have congratulated him for his success like he always gave me to my success and I called him a fraud. Varun will never forgive me.

Dhawal is thinking that there was a stampede on the sea shore. Everyone started shouting loudly, “That child will drown, some save him, some save, some save.” “

Seeing Dhawal drowning his friend Varun, Dhawal rushes fast and starts moving towards Varun by leaping into the sea.

Varun: – Save, save, save me someone.

Dhawal: – I have come here friend.

That is when a group of maritime security guards reach them by taking the boat and boarding them safely in the boat.

Captain: – You have done a lot of bravery, kids.

Varun: – Thank you, friend, I will never forget your favor.

Dhaval: – Varun, I apologize to you, a while ago I got angry and called you very bad good.

Varun smiles and takes Dhawal to a large stone. Varun starts writing on that big stone.

Dhawal: – What are you writing, Varun, when I had a fight with you some time ago, you had written something on the sand and now why here?

Varun:- That is why we have to decide which memories and which memories we want to erase.

Dhaval: – Meaning, I did not understand anything.

Varun: – I have forgotten the bitter thing you said to me like the words written on that sand, but the words I am writing on this stone are not going to disappear easily because it is a good memory and I want to handle it. . Like the words written on these stones, now understand.

Dhaval: – Wow, what a great thing you said, I will always remember it.

Varun: – It is said that sometimes you should apologize to someone and sometimes you should forgive someone, only then the relationship becomes strong.

Dhaval: – You are my good friend, Varun.

Varun: – And you too, let’s go home now.

After this peak battle of Varun and Dhawan, the two become good friends once again and their friendship becomes stronger than ever.


inspiring stories of friendship

It was a long time ago.

There were two friends, both were very ill, so much that they could not even get up and both were admitted in the same room in the same hospital.

Only one of them was allowed to sit on the bed and sleep.

The bed was near a window in the room, another friend had to spend time behind him, on the ground below.

Those friends used to talk for hours, about their home family jobs.

In the afternoon, the friend who was sitting on the bed used to tell the friend lying beyond the ground about the nazaro seen from the window.

He slowly told him about everything that he saw.

While the other friend lying on the ground, he closed his eyes and thought all those things in his mind.

He used to draw all those things in his mind and imagine how he would look like.

And he felt as if he was living his life.

That friend used to tell him about the colorful views of the deaf world for an hour and the other friend would see those moments lying on the ground.

There was a park outside the window where there was a beautiful pond.

Ducks, geese were seen swimming in that pond, and small children made boats and swam in that pond.

Some young boys and girls were seen roaming there.

And some family used to sit nearby and look at the colors of the bow of Indra, while there were many trees in the field which looked very beautiful to see.

One afternoon the friend looked outside the window and told that a parade was passing from there.

So the other friend also heard the sound of the band’s parade.

Another friend was imagining the parade as he closed his eyes and was making a scene in the mind itself.

Likewise many days passed and many months also passed.

One morning, one day the nurse brought him hot water for his bath and found that one of the friend who was near the window had died while sleeping.

Seeing all this, the nurse was very sad and asked the hospital staff to take the corpse.

It seemed as if the other friend wanted to sit near the window and look at the thousands of friends he used to hear from his friend.

The nurse was happy to see this and supported the man and sat near the window and left him alone.

Gently the man tried to push himself towards the window so that he could get a glimpse of the colorful world.

He started looking for the window behind his bed, which his friend used to tell him about new stories and things everyday.

As soon as he turned to the back of the bed, he saw only the empty wall.

The man asked the nurse about the window, of which his friend used to look outside the window and tell him about the colorful scenes and stories.

The nurse understood the whole story and he replied that there was no window at all and yet he kept encouraging you so that you do not give up on life.

So friends will never come back today, always be a friend, keep people thick and protect your loved ones and try not to be disheartened by your words.

I hope you like this inspiring stories of friendship and share on this social media.

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