11 short inspirational stories with morals

Hello all of you guys welcome to my blog. Today I am going to tell you Top 11 short inspirational stories with morals. These inspirational stories are very interesting and worth learning. Some of these stories are short stories, Tenali Rama stories and others.


The bowl of greed story

Once upon a time there was a woodcutter. He went to the forest to cut wood. That day he had forgotten to carry water from his house. It was sunny in the afternoon and when he cut the wood, he felt thirsty.

The woodcutter started roaming all over the forest in search of water. He could not find any place for water, neither a well nor a river. In the end, tired of giving up, he came and sat under a tree.

After some time he heard a voice. He came to know from the voice that there must be a river nearby, he had heard the sound of river water flowing.

The woodcutter kept on following the sound of that river. After walking for a long distance, he saw that a river was flowing there. He thought that I would quench my thirst by drinking water from here.

When he went to the river to drink water, he thought that it would be easier for him to make a bowl out of leaves. He saw that there was a tree in front, he took the leaves of the tree from there and made it a bowl.

After some time he thought that there should be an iron bowl from which I can drink water. He started searching for an iron bowl around, only then he found an iron bowl in front.

Now more desire arose in his mind, he thought that why not have a brass bowl from which I would drink water. He went some distance in search of the brass bowl. After walking a long way, he found the brass bowl.

Now that woodcutter thought that it seems that there is some elusive forest here, whatever you ask for, it gets fulfilled. The woodcutter thought that I wish I could get a silver bowl from which I could drink water easily.

He started traveling in search of the silver bowl, after walking a long distance he found a silver bowl behind the tree.

When the woodcutter got the silver bowl, you got more greed in his mind. Thought that if there is a silver bowl here, then I will definitely find a gold bowl if I look for it.

The woodcutter and started looking for the gold bowl. He went looking for a long way. His feet got blisters but he did not give up. The woodcutter picked up a stick lying in front and started walking with the help of it.

After going a long distance, he also found a bowl of gold. The woodcutter thought that now I have taken the golden bowl and now he thought that now I will go and drink water from the golden bowl comfortably in the river.

But the woodcutter had gone too far from that river in search of a bowl of gold. The woodcutter was feeling very thirsty and was also feeling dizzy. Somehow he kept walking with the golden bowl.

After reaching near the river he was so tired that he felt dizzy and fell. Even after the woodcutter fell, he kept holding that golden bowl in his hand.

Seeing him fall, the sound of laughter came from the river and the river said to that woodcutter, you are so stupid, both your hands were enough to drink water, but because of greed you went so far to get the bowl of gold. Now you see you have a bowl of gold but you are not fit to drink water.

The woodcutter was so tired that he fainted and died there because of not drinking water.

Education: – We should not be greedy, what we have is enough.


crow and parrot story

There was a parrot. He was green in color and had a red beak. He loved flying. One day the parrot was flying high. He was flying through the forest. He saw a mango tree below.

There were lovely yellow mangoes hanging from the branches of that mango tree. The parrot’s mouth filled with water. Parrots loved mangoes. The parrot thought to get the mango.

The parrot said to himself, “I want a big juicy mango. I’m tired of flying for a long time. That way I can rest while eating the mango.”

The parrot got down on the tree. He was about to sit on the branch when he heard the crows get out of here, this is my tree. The parrot wondered who it could be.

The parrot looked around when he saw a big black crow. The black crow was making a sound. “Kaon!
The crow’s voice was very sharp and harsh. The parrot got scared after giving it to the angry crow. After this the parrot flew away disappointed.

As soon as the parrot flew away he went towards the park. He saw a red colored balloon stuck in the branch of a tree in the park. An idea came to the parrot’s mind. He grabbed the string of the balloon and flew high towards the mango tree.

The parrot saw the crow sitting on the same tree where he had left it. As soon as the crow saw the parrot, he started chirping again. The parrot chose a very high branch above the crow and sat down there.

The parrot hit the balloon with its beak. The explosion was accompanied by a loud sound, in fact the balloon exploded due to the beaking of the balloon. The crow was very frightened by the sound and it flew away from the tree.

The parrot was very pleased with his plan. He laughed at himself. He had found a good time to enjoy all the juicy mangoes himself. He was overjoyed at his skillful plan to drive away the crows.

Education: If you don’t have any aim then you will not be able to defeat anyone.


The wisdom of tenaliram story

The king went to the child and said, “May God give you long life. May you be a great warrior like your father.”

Tenali Raman The intelligent and spot-responding courtier stood nearby. He said, “Maharajji will be the greatest warrior even than his father.”

The king asked Tenaliraman, “How did you find out?” Tenali Raman replied, “I can find out by looking at him.”

Some jealous courtiers get an opportunity to humiliate Tenali Raman. One of them said, “How can Maharaja Tenali Raman announce what the child will do when he grows up?”

The king said, “Yes, you are right. I think we should test him. Can you give me any advice?”

The second courtier said, “Yes sir, I have an idea to give the test. We will order two similar items to be made of gold vessels. One will be of solid gold and the other must be hollow.”

After this we will tie both the utensils to the ceiling with similar chains. Then we will show Tenali Raman from afar. We will ask him to identify which vessel is hollow and which is solid, without touching it.

King Krishnadeva Raya asked his servants to make all the arrangements for the examination. Therefore two gold vessels were made and ordered by the goldsmith. He was chained to the ceiling to show and identify Tenali Raman.

After this Tenali Raman was called. The king asked him to tell which vessel is hollow and which vessel is solid.

Tenali said, “Maharaj, the one on the right side is of solid gold and the other on the left side is hollow.”

The king and everyone present in the court were astonished by the correct answer of Tenali Raman. The king asked him, “Tenali, how did you tell the truth without touching it from such a distance?”

Tenali replied “Maharaj, I observed that the chain tied in one vessel was stretched due to its weight and the other which was a hollow and light vessel was slowly swinging in the air.”

That’s why I easily found out by seeing this that the chain with a taut is a solid gold vessel and the one that swings in the air is of hollow gold.”

Tenali was very impressed with Raman’s judiciary. He said, “Yes Tenali, now I agree with you that you can do justice by looking.”


the farmer’s treasure story

Once upon a time there lived a farmer in a village. The farmer had four sons. All four sons were very lazy. He did not help his father, for this reason he had to teach the farmer to sow crops in the whole field alone.

His four sons used to waste their time on unnecessary things. This thought was useless to his father. Many times he told his sons to work hard, but all the words of the farmer went in vain because his words had no effect on his children.

One day the farmer fell very ill. He knew that now his death was near. He wanted to make his children understand the importance of hard work before he died. He called his four sons to him.

The farmer said to his sons – “Look children, a long time ago my father gave me a box full of gold coins. Fearing that the box would be stolen, I buried it in my field. I want you Dig in both the fields and after I die take out that box and live a good life with those coins.”

A few days later the farmer died. After his death, his four sons reached the field with a shovel and axe. He dug every inch of that field and searched but no treasure was found. All the sons of the farmer were very sad.

At the same time a man was passing there, that man told the sons of the farmer that he had done so much digging, now he should sow wheat crop in this field itself. The farmer’s sons did the same.

That year the crop in the field was very good and in abundance. Now the farmer’s sons had understood that the real treasure was hard work and this was what they wanted to teach.

Education:- Hard work is the key to success.


lazy people story

Once upon a time a king lived in a palace on the bank of a river. He was not a happy king because his subjects were very lazy.

Every time he went out in his chariot, he would see stones and rubbish lying on the road. Every time he traveled in his boats, he found the river very dirty.

“Why are my people so lazy?” He used to say sadly.”

“Why don’t they keep the roads clean?” He thought for a while and said “I must teach them a lesson.”

One night he took a bag full of gold and went towards the main road, his wazir was with him. He saw the pit in the middle of the road and put the gold in it, then the king and the vizier placed a big stone on top of the pit.

The next day a man came on the road in his bullock cart which was full of coal. He saw a big stone in the middle of the road but he was not worried about it and turned his bullock cart towards the stone.

Then, another man brought with him a flock of sheep and goats. The stone didn’t bother him either. He took his flock and walked from the other side of the stone.

Many other persons also passed by the same road but all of them were so lazy that they did not push the stone away.

So the king called his subjects there, lowered his long court and said, “Come take off your coats, let’s push this stone away.”

When they removed the stone they saw the gold, they rubbed their eyes in surprise.

The king said to the vizier, “Take the gold to my palace. Turning to his subjects, he said, “The gold was here but you were too lazy to remove the stones, so no one is worthy of gold.” I wish you would have been alert and removed the stones and gold would have become yours.” Everyone present there was also feeling embarrassed and sad. (keep on reading – short inspirational stories with morals )

The king’s subjects understood and decided to remove any stone lying in the way in the greed of gold. After this all the people of the king’s subjects became hardworking and the king’s kingdom became the cleanest state.

Education: We should never be lazy. We should be tougher and more diligent.


 liar shepherd boy story moral

Once upon a time there lived a boy in a village. The boy had many sheep. He used to graze those sheep and feed his life. He used to take those sheep to the pasture for grazing every day.

The boy used to lie a lot and joke with people a lot. He used to fight and talk to any person.

Once he was walking in the pasture with his sheep. Knowing to make fun of him, he started shouting loudly, “Lion has come, lion has come, lion has come, save me, lion will eat me, save me, lion will eat me.”

Hearing this scream, the people around reached there to save him. On reaching there people saw that there was no lion there and the boy also started laughing very loudly.

One of the people standing there asked – “What happened, where is the lion, why were you screaming.”

The boy said – “There was no lion here, I just thought of joking, so I shouted like this.”

After a few days once again the boy was grazing his sheep. He thought that today the villagers should be harassed again.

The boy again started shouting loudly “Save save me, the lion has come, save me or else the lion will eat me.”

Hearing this, the people around again reached there. He again saw that there was no lion there. He asked the boy again where is the lion.

The boy said, “No lion came here, I was sitting here alone and there was no work. So I thought to have a little fun with you guys.”

A few days later the boy was grazing with all his sheep in the pasture. Then suddenly a real lion came there.

The boy started shouting loudly, save the lion, the lion has come, it will eat me, save me.

This time no one came to rescue him after hearing his voice. It seemed to everyone around that this boy was joking again.

The boy ran away but the lion ate many of his sheep and the boy lost a lot of money.

The boy now regrets his mistake that he should not joke with such people and should never lie.

He was regretting his mistake, thinking that if I had understood this mistake earlier, then my sheep would still be safe.

Education – We should never lie and never make fun of anyone.


proud reindeer story

Once upon a time there lived a reindeer in the beautiful forest of Andhra Pradesh. He had a pair of lovely lions. He was very proud of his singo. He used to admire himself in the reflection of the pond.

But he was very ashamed of his ugly legs.

A singer was drinking water on the pond when he heard some dogs barking. He knew that hunters were all around.

He ran for his life, “I must hide somewhere.” In fear, the reindeer staggered and its horns got entangled in some dry branches.

He himself tried hard to be free but the dogs reached him. He tried hard and was hurt by his horns.

At last with great difficulty he freed himself from the branches, running as fast as his legs could make him run.

Education:- Pride is destroyed before the fall.


the magic pot story

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Tara. She lived there with her mother. He was very poor. One day she went to the forest. There he met an old woman.

The old woman gave him a pot. She said, “It’s a miraculous magic pot. It will cook porridge for you when you say, cook-pot-cook and it will stop making porridge when you say wait- pot-wait.”

Tara was very happy. She ran (running) to her mother and said, “Mother, we will not be hungry any longer because I have received a miraculous pot.

Tara said to the pot – “Pake the pot, cook the pot” and the pot cooked the porridge, her mother was very happy and both ate the porridge.

One day when Tara went out, her mother was hungry, she said to the pot, “Pake the pot, cook the pot.” The pot started cooking porridge. After eating his mother forgot the right words and said “Don’t cook the dishes.”

Even after saying this, the porridge continued to cook and soon the porridge started coming up from the floor. Mother said again “Stay and don’t cook too much” but the pot did not stop.

Mother ran out of the house and Dalia followed her. Quick porridge was everywhere. The whole village saw this. The whole village ran to eat porridge.

When Tara returned she saw that the road was full of porridge, she ran towards the house as fast as she could.

Tara hears Mother shouting, “Tara is cooking this pot and it doesn’t stop.”

Tara called out “Wait the pot, stop” and the pot stopped cooking the porridge.

Education: – The thing about which you do not have complete knowledge should not be used.


loyal hunter dog story

Once upon a time there was a hunter. He lived in a village. He also had a pet dog of his own. The dog was very loyal to the hunter. One day the hunter went to the city with his wife.

He left his son in the care of the dog at his home. After the hunter left. There suddenly a fox came. He entered inside the house and attacked the hunter’s boy.

The dog caught that fox and while fighting it killed the fox.

In the evening when the hunter and his wife returned to their homes from the city. They saw that the dog was sitting outside the house and was waiting for its owner. When he saw the owner, he started licking his feet.

When that hunter saw the marks of blood in that dog’s mouth, he was shocked. The hunter thought that the dog had killed his son. The hunter got very angry and raised his gun and killed the dog.

When the hunter and his wife reached inside, they saw that their son was safe and there was a fox dead nearby.

After seeing all this, the hunter understood that the dog had saved his son’s life by killing the fox. The hunter cried out loud as to why he had killed such a loyal dog. In this sorrow, the hunter became sad.

Education: We should not take any step without thinking.


King and silly monkey story

Once there was a king he went for hunting, he found a monkey who was sitting on a tree and plucking fruit from the tree and giving it to the king.

The king liked this thing and took the monkey to the palace.

Now wherever the king went, he would go with the monkey king, he became his best friend.

Even after becoming a friend of the king, that monkey was very foolish. Being the king’s favorite, he was allowed to go everywhere in the palace without any hindrance.

He was respected in the royal palace. Even he could comfortably come to the king’s room, where even the servants of the king were not allowed to come and go.

One day the king was sleeping comfortably in his room and was guarding the monkey king near his bed.

At the same time, the monkey saw that a fly came and sat on the king’s nose.

The monkey banished him once, after a while, the fly again sat on the nose of the king, the monkey again drove him away from his hands.

After a while the monkey saw again, the fly came again and sat on the king’s nose.

The king’s sleep was deteriorating due to the repeated arrival of the fly and this was making the monkey angry.

He got angry and tried to kill the fly, but she used to fly again and again.

The king had a sword with the monkey. The monkey raised that sword and looked for a chance to kill the fly.

After some time, the fly came again and this time again sat on the king’s nose.

The monkey was already ready, he saw no avail and attacked the fly with a sword.

The king’s nose was cut but he was badly injured. (I hope you like this short inspirational stories with morals)

Learning: – Beware of silly friends, they can do more damage than your enemy.


the wolf came story

There lived a devil boy in a village. He did not care about anything.

He used to do devils with the people of the village all the time.

Her family members were very upset with her habits. Because of that his father gave him the job of grazing sheep.

But there too his devilishness did not diminish.

One day when the sheep started getting fed by the sheep, they thought of a devil.

The boy ran towards the village and shouted “Save the wolf came, the wolf came”

After listening to his voice, all the people of the village leave their hand work and run away.

Seeing their escape, the boy is very much mistaken.

They get angry at the actions of that boy from poor village and return to their work.

A few days pass. The devil boy begins to shatter the same wolf.

The villagers then hear his voice and run for help.

But that devil boy is signed on him again.

They get angry at the actions of that poor villager and then return to their work.

A few days later, when the boy is resting while grazing the sheep, then suddenly the voice of the wolf is heard.

The boy is frightened to hear the voice of the real wolf.

In a few moments the wolf reaches them. The boy looks at the wolf, climbs to a nearby tree and starts shouting “Save the wolf came, the wolf came”

The villagers hear her scream but no one comes to help her.

The wolf devours all the sheep of the boy one by one.

The poor boy keeps crying with his hands on his head.

He loses all his sheep because of a lie.

Lesson: – Nobody believes the liar’s words.

So that’s all for today, hope you all liked these 11 short inspirational stories with morals. See you in the next article with some more stories.

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