half the profit story with moral

half the profit story with moral

Once a rich man held a grand feast.

He wanted fish for it. It was a rainy day.

So he could not get any fish.

A fisherman caught a big fish.

He came to the rich man. But the gate-keeper did not allow him to go in.

He demanded half the profit. The fisherman agreed.

The rich man was glad to see a fine fish.

He asked for its price.

The fisherman said, “I want only one hundred lashes on my back.”

The rich man was surprised to hear it.

Then he ordered his servant to give him lashes, but gently.

When he had got fifty lashes.

he cried. “Stop! Stop! I have a partner in this business.”

The rich man ordered to bring him in.

The gate-keeper was brought.

The fisherman told him the whole story.

The gate-keeper was dismissed from service.

The fisherman was given a handsome reward.

Moral : Adishonest man is always a loser

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