two friends and the bear short story for kids

the lion and the mouse short story

Once there lived two friends in a village.

They were Mohan and Sohan.

They set out on a journey.

Their way lay through a forest.

They promised to hep each other.

On the way they saw a bear.

He was coming towards them.

They were frightened Mohan was selfish.

He climbed up a tree. He hid himself there.

But Sohan did not know how to climb up a tree.

He knew that a bear does not eat a dead body.

He lay down on the ground.

He held his breath to look dead.

The bear came there.

He smelt him all over.

He took him for dead.

He went away. Mohan came down.

He said to Sohan, “What did the bear say in your ear?

Sohan said, “The bear advised me to beware of selfish friends.”

Moral: A friend in need, is a friend indeed.

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