Aim of my life paragraph in english for student

my aim in life essay 250 words

Aim of my life paragraph

Role – Often a question arises in friends that what will you become? Some want to become a doctor, some want to be an engineer. Somebody’s parents c. a .

If you want to make, then someone wants to send their children to teaching or journalism.

My ambition – My ambition or the goal of my life is to serve the country as a soldier. I understand that it is our utmost duty to protect the country whose soil has nurtured us. That’s why I want to join the army.

Attractive personality of the soldier – I love discipline and Indian armies are world famous for their discipline. Whenever I see a soldier in an agile and attractive uniform, my heart swells with pride.

The stories of bravery, devotion to duty and hard work of the army inspire me.

Duties of soldiers – My parents are also aware of this goal of mine. However, being the only son, the mother did not agree with my view at first.

But I told them that soldiers not only fight wars, but also help in situations like disturbances, famines, floods, epidemics, storms, accidents etc within the country. My father also explained to the mother, to which she agreed.

To achieve my goal –  I study not only from syllabus books but also from other books to achieve my goal. I always try to increase my general knowledge.

I have already inculcated the habit of hard work and discipline, because I know that hard work is the key to success.

Epilogue – God has sent us on earth for some purpose or the other. Life without a goal is meaningless. The journey of a purposeless life is a betrayal to oneself and to God.

One who wanders aimlessly can never reach the destination. That’s why I try my best to achieve my goal.

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