short paragraph on air pollution in english

short paragraph on air pollution

Pollution is the hottest topic for discussion in these days.

It is slow, silent but sure killer of our race.

The rapidly growing population and economic development are leading to environmental degradation in India.

These inclu de heavy pressure on land, land degradation, forests, habitat destruction and loss of biodiversity.

Changing consumption pattern has led to rising demand for energy.

The final results of this are air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution, noise pollution, global warming, climatic change and water scarcity.

Industrial smoke and the fume exhausting from pipes in vehicles are polluting air.

Chemical discharges from industries is contaminating the soil and sub-soil water.

Clean environment is our foremost need for survival.

We can achieve this goal by checking population growth and saving our forests.

We should act fast and unitedly to escape collective death.

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