Write a paragraph on child labour in 150 words

paragraph on child labour in 150 words

Child labour means the child under the age of fourteen working in a factory or business unit, except in family owned enterprise.

Child labour in India is a human right issue for the whole world.

It is a serious and extensive problem. According to the government statistics, there are 20 million child labourers in the country.

While other agencies claim that it is 50 millions.

They generally work in brick industry, paper industry, carpet making factories, glass blowing units and make fireworks with bare little hands.

Children work for eight hours at a stretch with only a small break for meals.

Poverty is the reason for child labour in India.

Poor parents perceive their children as an income generating resource to supplement the family income.

To alleviate the problem of child labour, the Indian government made a law that makes the employment of children below 14 illegal.

However, this law is rerely implemented due to practical difficulties.

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