Noun Definition and types with examples

what is noun definition?

Noun statement is that A Noun is the name of a person, a place or a thing.


What are the 5 types of nouns?

  1. Proper Noun
  2. Collective Noun
  3. Common Noun
  4. Material Noun
  5. Abstract Noun.


Proper noun

The name given to a particular person, place or thing is a PROPER NOUN.

  • The Noun (noun) from which a particular person, country or place is understood, is called Proper Noun.

Study the following sentences

  1. Madhu was born on Tuesday.
  2. Delhi is the capital of India,
  3. The Gita is a sacred book.

Madhu is the name of a particular girl in these sentences; Tuesday is the name of a particular day: Delhi is the name of a particular city; India is the name of a particular country, And Gita is the name of a particular book. Hence these words are Proper Nouns.


Common noun

A COMMON NOUN is a name shared in common by every one of the same class or group

  • The Noun by which every person or thing of a class or caste is understood is called Common Noun.

Study the following sentences

(a)  Boys play in the field.
Sharda has read many books.
My umbrella is very costly.
Trees give us fruit.

In these sentences boys, umbrella, trees, fruit are the names of Common Nouns, concrete things and they can also be counted. Hence they are called Countable Common Nouns.


(b) Cows give milk.
Water is useful for health,
Butter is necessary for life.

In these sentences milk, water and butter are common nouns that cannot be counted but can be measured by different units of magnitude. Like one jug of milk: two liters of water: two kilograms of butter. With these numerals, the number of the unit of measurement is tied, but not the measure of the object. Hence they are called Mass Common Nouns.


Rember this

Proper Noun becomes a Common Noun when it is used in a descriptive sense showing the class of persons and things. like
1. Surender is the Dara Singh of our school.
2. Shakespeare is the Kalidas of England.
3. Kashmir is the Switzerland of Asia.
4. Jaipur is the Paris of India .
In such a situation, ‘ the ‘ is put before the Proper Noun.


Collective Noun

A COLLECTIVE NOUN is a name given to a number of things regarded as a whole, group or collection. The Noun which gives meaning to the group is called Collective Noun.

Study the following sentences

  1. Our team won the match.
  2. Indian army fought bravely.
  3. Two players of our team have died.
  4. I am the monitor of my class.
  5. A crowd gathered there.

Team in these sentences. Army, crowd and class give a sense of group. These are Collective Nouns.


Material noun

A MATERIAL NOUN is a word used for the substance of which things are made. It is called Material Noun.

Study the following sentences

  1. Copper is a useful metal.
  2. My ring is made of gold.
  3. The brass is yellow.

In these sentences there is copper. Gold and brass make sense of substances that can be used by other things. Hence these words are Material Nouns.


Abstract noun

AN ABSTRACT NOUN is the word used for an action, state or quality. The Noun which gives a sense of the quality, procedure, it is called Abstract Noun.

Study the following sentences

  1. Beauty is only a nine days wonder.
  2. Laughter is the best medicine.
  3. Poverty is the greatest curse.

In these sentences, the virtue of beauty, the method of action from laughter and the state of poverty from poverty. Is . Hence these words are Abstract Nouns.

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