West Asia arab Spring began with which revolution essay

Arab Spring began with which revolution essay

In the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, taking advantage of political conditions and technological revolutions, European countries took control of almost all the countries of Asia and Africa. The countries of West Asia were close to Europe and were very backward economically, so it was easy for European countries to take over them.

Apart from this, the sea route to India was also through the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea. To keep this route safe, it was necessary that the southern coast of the Mediterranean Sea and the countries on both sides of the Red Sea remained under European control. The result was that the European countries kept their authority very rigidly over all these countries and made every effort that these countries should remain backward from the economic, social, political and military point of view.

The world’s largest kerosene wells are located in Western Asia. More than a third of the world’s petroleum comes out from Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, etc. European countries have a great need for this oil. All the rights to extract and sell this oil are in the hands of companies in Europe and America.

For this oil also, the countries of the West wanted to keep possession of this region. For this, he had made the kings in all these countries as puppets of his hands. Democrats like France and England also saw their interest in maintaining the monarchy in these countries.

The kings were given enough money for their luxuries and after that, no one was worried about the rest of the people of the country. The people were very poor. There was no name for education. What to say about the rest of life’s amenities? But it was only in the beginning of the twentieth century that political consciousness arose in the eastern countries.

In 1917 there was a communist revolution in Russia and its impact was on the whole world. Dependent countries realized that subjection was the root of all their miseries. Therefore their first goal should be independence. When a country is determined to be free, then it cannot be kept slave for long. One by one, all the Dena began to get rid of the rule of foreigners.

But even in this race for independence, the countries of West Asia remained the most backward. In the Second World War, some of these countries had hoped to get independence and some had also made unorganized efforts, but in those days the armies of the Allies were very strong, so those countries did not succeed in getting independence.

The situation changed a lot after World War I. Earlier Britain and France were considered to be the biggest powers, there after Buddha the biggest powers became Russia and America. Both Russia and America had no interest in subjugating the countries of Central Asia. Britain and France were weakened,

So one by one in West Asia. The country started becoming independent. The first effort in this direction was made by the Prime Minister of Iran, Dr. Musadiq. He nationalized Iranian oil. But by putting economic and political pressure, the Western countries removed Dr. Musadiq from the post of Prime Minister and the Shah of Iran again got full power, as a result of which the exploitation of Iran by the Western nations continued again.

After that there was a successful revolution in Egypt. Earlier King Farokh was ruling in Egypt. His rule was very weak and corrupt. The Egyptian military officers revolutionized and took the rule in their hands. King Farooq fled to Italy. After some time the reins of Egypt fell into the hands of Colonel Nasser.

He nationalized the Suez Canal for the progress of his country, from which Miss started earning a lot. England and France were very angry with the nationalization of Suez and they started a war against Egypt. His army reached Port Said. But on the threat of Russia, the British and Jhansi had to return successfully.

With this success a new enthusiasm spread throughout West Asia. The feeling of nationalism flourished in Arab countries. He realized that the whole reason for our plight is that foreigners take away our oil. If we can use this oil for our own benefit or get a fair price for it, then our condition can improve soon.

Colonel Nasser undertook to liberate and organize the Arab nations. The first success he got was that both the countries of Syria and Nin got mixed together and they named themselves ‘United Arab Republic’. After some time Yemen also joined this republic. Western countries were thinking of various tactics to humiliate the mill, that there was a military revolution in Iraq.

The king and prime minister were executed there and the military government started functioning under the leadership of Brigadier Abdul Karim Qasim. Shortly before the United Arab Republic, Iraq and Jordan had formed their own federation. The king of Iraq, Faisal, seemed to be the brother of the king of Jordan.

But Iraq was a large country and much smaller than Jordan. Therefore the Jordanian king could not try to take over Iraq again. British and American armies had reached Jordan and Lebanon at the time of the Iraq Revolution, fearing that nationalist elements would overthrow puppet governments in these countries as well.

On the other hand the Arab nations feared that these armies had been sent to crush the Iraqi revolution. But at this time the balance of power in the world is such that it is neither possible nor good for any country to start a war suddenly. Therefore, reducing the war in West Asia, after turning around for the second time, it was again averted without rain.

Presently the situation in West Asia is that Egypt, Syria, Yemen, Iraq and Sudan have been freed from the clutches of foreigners and have got the right to decide their own fate. Western countries still have influence over Iran, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. In fact, the governments in these countries are running with the active help of western countries.

Nothing can be said that at what time the disgruntled people or the army sat down in these countries and from there the influence of the western countries would end. Some time ago a security agreement named ‘Baghdad Pact’ was signed on the inspiration of America. Now with the separation of Iraq, the root of that agreement seems to have been shaken.

The Iraq Revolution will have a great encouraging effect on other countries. On the other hand, Libya, Tunisia and Morocco have become independent in North Africa. Although the military position of these countries is not very strong, but they have got independence legally and once they are independent, if any of them are attacked, then the United Nations can intervene in it.

The fighting in Alli Ria has been going on for many years. The nationalist armies there are fighting against foreign French rulers. Nationalist armies are not organized armies, But there are scattered parties, fighting for guerrilla dungeons. The French soldiers have killed about a million Algerian nationalists, but the fighting is still going on there and it is bound that this fight will end only after the independence of Algeria.

The clutches of imperialism are loosening. Recently, many African countries have become independent. The countries that have recently gained independence include Ghana, Congo, Cameroon, Togo, Mali, Malagasy, Somalia, former French Congo, Dahomey, Upper Bolta, Niger, Ivory Coast, Gabon, Chad, Central African Republic and Cyprus. are particularly noteworthy.

It is worth noting that none of these countries, except Cyprus, did an armed struggle for independence. The pressure of international conditions has been able to make them independent. Thus the struggle for independence in West Asia is progressing slowly but steadily. Many politicians of the world have expressed their opinion that this tremendous wave of nationalism cannot be stopped.

The biggest convenience of the first imperialist countries was that they could exert their influence on other countries by giving or withholding financial aid. But now the situation has changed completely due to the arrival of communist countries in the field. The countries to which the imperialist countries refuse to give aid, they immediately start getting aid from the communist countries.

It seems that the grip of imperialism and capitalism has loosened and now after some time the countries which have been oppressed and ruled from time immemorial will also be able to breathe a sigh of happiness.


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