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Democracy system essay

In the nineteenth century, the rule of kings was established almost all over the world. But in the twentieth century, those kings ended one by one and in their place, democracy-governance systems were established. In countries like France, Germany, Russia, Spain etc.

monarchy ended and democracy was established. Nowadays it is the era of democracy and in the talk, the cry of democracy is given. At present, a democracy-governance system is going on in all the big countries of the world. Democracy means the rule of the people.

The best explanation of democracy is considered by US President Abraham Lincoln, in which he said, “Democracy means the establishment of the government of the people by the people for the benefit of the people. It is clear from this that the reins of governance in a democracy rest with the subjects.” It is in hand and that government is being done for the benefit of the people.

But in a democracy, all the people do not rule directly, but the elected representatives of the subjects rule. They have to act according to their will, because if they do not do this, then in the coming elections, the people can replace them and elect new representatives in their place.

It is clear that in a democracy only those representatives can continue to rule, who have the confidence of the people. Many benefits of democracy-government system are told. It is said that in democracy-governance, the individual is given more primacy than the state.

It is believed that the purpose of the state is to fulfill the individual for his development. opportunity is to be given, so the state is only the means and is an accomplished person. For this, more and more freedom is given to the individual in democracy – governance.

He can choose whomever he wants by his vote. He can freely express his views in the form of speeches or articles. But this self-statement of expression is limited only to the extent that it does not interfere with the freedom of others. There is a purpose of giving freedom of expression to the people in the democracy-government system.

Looking at the past history, it is known that revolutions took place only when the people had to face many atrocities and sufferings. But the subjects were not even given a chance to express their sufferings. For a long time, people suffered by suppressing and when it became unbearable, they started a revolution.

Due to the freedom of expression in a democracy, there is absolutely no danger of bloodshed revolutions, because the people can not only tell their sorrows and pains, but if they want, they can also change the government by their boat. Some things are very necessary for the success of democracy-government system.

The first thing is that the democracy-governance system can be successful only when the people of a country are well educated and aware of their rights as well as their duties. Where people are trained and people’s boats can be bought with money, then democracy-government remains only a hypocrisy. Secondly, there should be more than one well organized political party in the country.

When a force is in force, the opposition party should also be capable enough to successfully raise its voice against the faults of the ruling party. The third thing is that there should be many newspapers in the country and they should be given as much freedom as possible so that they can take public opinion in the right direction.

Democracy-dwelling is considered to be the best system because it requires least rule over the subjects. The government cannot commit arbitrary atrocities on the people. If it does, political parties and newspapers raise slogans against it with considerable movement and force the government to rectify the mistake.

People are always conscious to protect their rights. Democracy – The rule of law is called ‘rule of law’. All persons are equal in the eyes of law and for committing the same crime, rich and poor educated uneducated all have to suffer the same punishment.

No one can be discriminated against because of religion, gender or position etc. Nowadays in almost all the countries the democracy-government system is running in such a way that the people choose their representatives. These representatives often contest elections with the support of one or the other party.

The leader of the party which has the majority in the elections forms its cabinet. The cabinet is responsible to the parliament of the country and the cabinet remains in office only as long as it has a majority in the parliament. When a party does not have a majority in Parliament, its cabinet has to resign.

That is why every party tries to keep the people satisfied. Thus the will of the people is fully taken care of in every matter of governance. In short, democracy considers the individual above the state and is ready to do whatever is possible for the development of the individual. Along with these many qualities, democracy also has some drawbacks.

The famous thought of Plato has called democracy rule as ‘rule of the mouth’. He says that there are more fools in the world and less intelligent. The majority is always of the fools and that is why the rule of the majority is the rule of the mouths.

Plato’s talk was a matter of pure logic, But there is no doubt that where the people are not well educated and aware of their rights, the democracy remains as a game of only hustle-busters. Various tactics are used to win elections and good people prefer to stay away from elections.

In the election, most of the people stand with the help of some political party and voters vote for the political party without paying attention to the good or bad of the candidate. Needless to say that the representatives so elected cannot be called true representatives of the people.

When a party wins an election, all its efforts are to give high posts or other work for their benefit to those who have helped it in winning the election. This gives rise to arbitrariness and partiality. If, after all these riots, one party has a majority, it is still fine, Because in that case that party can form a permanent government.

But when one party does not get full majority, then it has to form alliance with other parties. Different types of facilities are given to other parties for the alliance and there are frequent changes of governments.

Where there is the advantage of being an opposition party that it can bring the government’s mistakes to light and bring it on the right track, in practice it is seen that the opposition parties oppose every good and bad work of the government, so that the public There are two consensus on everything.

This harms the country. Democracy – The biggest and most terrible drawback of governance is that no work can be done in it. The debate goes on for a long time in the parliaments. Therefore, whenever there is a need to take immediate action due to war or any other crisis, then democracy-government proves to be very slow and weak.

Apart from this, democracy-governance is very expensive. Huge amount of money is spent on elections and later the members of parliament try to get that money back in some way or the other. A huge amount is spent on the salary etc. of the members of the Parliament.

All this money can be easily used for creative work. But in spite of all these flaws, nowadays almost all the people are unanimous about this that democracy-governance system is the best among all the systems of government known so far. If it has some faults, then other systems of governance also have some other faults.

Where the source of governance is in the hands of one person or in the hands of two or four people, they may make a mistake and the whole country has to suffer the consequences of their mistake.

Democracy – The fault of the government that no work is done in a hurry, it can also be said to be a virtue from this point of view that no work is done in haste. In the new concept of democracy, it has also been accepted that it is not enough to give the right to vote to all the people, but by providing social equality and economic security to the people, they should be enabled to make proper use of the right to vote.

Can you When such a situation will come that people will be able to vote by their free will, forgetting the distinction between high and low or rich and poor, then only democracy will be successful. After independence, India has voluntarily adopted democracy.

India is a peace loving country. Almost all the democratic countries are peace loving and the tendency of the democratic countries is towards war. Many great men of the world were fought only to fulfill the ambitions of the people. In short, democracy is the best system compared to all other systems of government.

In this, the most attention is given to the development of the personality of man. In a democracy, there is a feeling of mutual tolerance among the residents of the country. Looking at the current pace of time, the future of democracy looks very bright.



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