Mahakavi tulsidas essay in english – birth, education, property and death

Mahakavi Tulsidas, who is also the religious teacher of Hindus, as well as a great poet, who composed poetry in all the styles prevalent in his time.So that’s why in today’s article we will study about the life of great poet Tulsidas and different poems. So let’s start the essay on mahakavi tulsidas.

Mahakavi tulsidas essay in english - birth, education, property and death

Mahakavi Tulsidas essay in English

The name of Tulsidas is most popular among Hindi poets. The reason for this is not only that Tulsidas is the best poet of Hindi, but also because of the property he has established in his poetry, he has also become a religious leader of the Hindu caste. Although, in terms of poetic beauty, Surdas and Malik Muhammad Jayasi are in competition with them, but due to not having such a strong base of religious ideals, they have not been able to make as deep an impression on the hearts of the people as Tulsidas.

One of the biggest and biggest reasons for considering Tulsidas as the best poet of Hindi is that Tulsidas composed poetry in all the styles prevalent in his time. At that time Awadhi and Braj were the only two literary languages. He wrote poetry successfully in both. He wrote ‘Ramcharitmanas’ Prabandhakavya and ‘Vinay Patrika’ Muktaka Kavya.

He used different types of verses in his poetry. In this way, the external side of his poetry the art side is much stronger than his rivals. Similarly, the inner side of his poetry is also far broader and more serious than that of Jayasi and Surdas. Surdas has made a very limited area of ​​life the subject of his poetry. He did not go beyond the limits of makeup and love.

But Tulsidas has made various aspects of life, almost the whole form of human life, the subject of his creation. He has conceived new themes in his management and has described them very poignantly. More than these two things – the idealism of Tulsi. Surdas has described the Lokaranjak form of Lord Van.

His Krishna does many such things, which can be called socially condemnable. But Tulsi has described the public protector form of the Lord in the form of Rama. His Rama is not a man, but God himself, who has incarnated in human form to establish the best ideals of human life. His Rama is the protector of the gentlemen, dutiful and punishing the wicked.

The oppressed, the oppressed and the oppressed get solace, some support from his imagination. The Ram Bhakti presented by Tulsi proved to be very inspiring and encouraging for the Hindus of that period. The people stricken by the fear of the conquering Muslims did see some joy in Krishna-devotion, but the strong base they needed to compete with the foreign culture, they got it only through Ram Bhakti.

Tulsidas spent his life in many hardships. Being born in an inauspicious ascendant, his parents abandoned him as soon as he was born. A maidservant, whose name was Muniya, took care of him. But after a few years Munia also fell in love with God. Tulsidas became an orphan again.

Wandered here and there for a long time. He had to ask for education many times to fill his stomach. In the end he met Bawa Narharidas. He kindly kept Tulsidas with him and taught. In due course Tulsidas got married. But fate could not bear even this happiness of Tulsidas. Due to the excess of love, an incident happened that this marriage was dissolved.

The wife uttered some words to Tulsidas, whose hurt was very deep on his heart and he became detached and left home for pilgrimage. Once he had a plague. He suffered a lot in this, but he survived. But he died shortly after that in Samvat 1680. The Rama who has been chosen by Tulsidas for devotion is full of all virtues and the most virtuous person.

Tulsidas’s devotion towards him is that of servitude. In comparison to him, the devotee Tulsi feels himself very despised and pathetic and therefore prays for his mercy at every step. The Ramcharit Manas has been written about the story of Ram and in it the poet has shown the glory and glory of Rama in many ways, as well as in the Vinaya Patrika, the modesty of a petty devotee in front of the Almighty God has appeared in a poignant form, similar to Hindi literature.

It didn’t happen anywhere else. A great feature of Tulsidas is that he is a syncretist. Even those things on which they do not have full faith, they do not refute them, but try to match them with their opinion. Tulsi himself was a Saguna worshiper. But he did not refute Nirguna worship, but tried to combine both Nirguna and Saguna.

Similarly, in his compositions, the harmony of folk and scriptures, of devotion and knowledge, of dispassion and householder is visible. They have also become so popular because of this syncretism. Tulsi in his Ramcharitmanas has envisioned the ideal characters in such a beautiful way that these characters later became the ideals of Hindu life.

A king like Rama, brothers like Bharat and Lakshmana, a wife like Sita and a servant like Hanuman. These ideals have left a deep impression in the minds of the Hindu masses and that is why Ramcharit Manas has become a very good religious book, not a purely poetic book, and for the semi-educated, it has been giving the work of religion-granya as well.

Apart from all these things of mundane importance, Tulsidas’s position is very high from the point of view of pure poetry. His epic Ramcharitmanas is unmatched in Hindi in terms of management. Its very interesting. Apart from the main story, there are many secondary stories in it.

Tulsidas has well recognized all the poignant episodes and has described them in detail. In the Ramcharitmanas, almost all the rasas have a very beautiful euphemism. The characterization in this epic has been so successful that its characters have become like characters of our history. And these characters are not all good, but there are all kinds of good and bad, righteous and sinner, high and low.

We can call the art of Surdas as art for the sake of art. Its sole purpose is only to engross the mind. But the art of Tulsi is for welfare; For good ideals. Because of this, the use of Tulsi’s poetry has increased even more. Although Tulsidas has composed many books, but his fame is mainly due to Ram Charitmanas and Vinaya Patrika.

The story of Ramcharitmanas is not Tulsi’s own. It is mainly taken from Ramayana. But in that where some manipulations and changes have been made by his imagination. Tulsi Das had studied Hindu theology and ancient literature. This Vata becomes clear by reading Ramcharitmanas.

Because of the miracles of poetry, the coordination-intellect and the establishment of plants, Tulsi Das looks very great as compared to all other poets of Hindi. What can be more proof of his greatness than this that his Ramcharitmanas has been more publicized among the people of the country than any other poetic text and everyone from the king to the rank read it with reverence and honour.



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