A visit to a zoo essay 1000 words for students

Visit to a zoo essay – Although there are many things to see in all the cities, but if there is a zoo, then all the other things to see fade in comparison. I have a special interest in visiting zoos and so far I have visited almost all the big zoos of India Zoo Tour. Still, seeing them, my heart is still not full.


a visit to a zoo essay 1000 words for students

Essay on visit to a zoo

Although zoo means, where birds are kept, but not only wonderful birds are kept in zoo houses, but animals that move in buns, snakes and animals living in rivers are also kept. That is why even though there is only a house of birds by name, the zoo is a gathering place of all the strange creatures.

Just a few days ago, many friends had gone to see the zoo together. As soon as we entered the zoo, there was a small hose on the left side, on which there was an iron noose. Some creatures like mongoose were swimming in the water. These were beavers.

If a person used to put money or a coin in the water, they would bring it out of the chute with the help of hooks and put it in a small pail built on the inside of the tank. On moving a little further, there were monkeys’ boxes, in which different types of monkeys were sitting.

Some of these monkeys were very big and ugly. Some were small and beautiful. There were some langurs too. People were pouring gram in front of these monkeys, which they were eating with great fervor. There was some resemblance between the children and the monkeys, that is why the children used to tease the monkeys even after stopping the parents and in return the monkeys were also giving them books.

And on the way forward, a huge fence appeared. There were nets around this enclosure and there were deer inside. Some deer were rummaging while sitting; Some were walking here and there; Some would come near the arm and stand near the audience.

These deer were also of many types. Some were a rhinoceros, some were a cheetal. Some had long horns, some had short ones. At one place, there were also small children of deer, who, upon seeing the spectators, used to run away filling the klanche.

Turning further to the right, there was a huge pit, inside which stood two or three trees. The walls of the pit were high and straight. Above them was a fence of pointed iron bars. When I peeped inside the pit, three or four bears were enjoying the game.

I had seen this arrangement for keeping bears like this for the first time. In other zoos, bears were seen kept in small cages or houses. But here these bears were jumping very freely. Sometimes they used to fight with each other and sometimes they used to climb on top of the tree.

People were throwing peanuts for the bears. Bears ate them after chewing them along with their skins and staring at them as if they were asking for more. On walking a little further, there were tall boxes made of small nets, in which various kinds of birds were chirping.

On one side was a white peacock. I had never seen such a peacock before. There were strange parrots with long tails. There were beautiful pigeons. There were many small birds like we had never seen before. There was a cuckoo in a cage. There were some bubbles in one.

In one was sitting an owl, whose eyes were blinking due to the light of day. On turning to the left, there were small boxes. The smell of meat is coming from Mr. There were wolves, jackals and foxes in these cages. The wolf was very similar to a modest dog in appearance.

The jackal was very timid to see and the fox’s cunning seemed to be written on its face. Asked a little from them, a small place was surrounded by nets. White rabbits were kept inside it. These rabbits looked very cute to see. Sometimes he used to sit and start munching on the grass and sometimes he used to jump and run here and there.

White rats were kept in another net near these rabbits, which are also called guinea pigs. These white rats seemed to be more beautiful and lovely than rabbits. Now we had to turn and go a little far. Here a large space was surrounded by high bars of iron.

The space inside was huge. In it there were small pools made of bamboo and wherever, in which water was filled. When we looked to see which animal would have been kept here, we saw that a giant tiger was sleeping lying in the shadow of the bow of Vance.

Earlier in zoos, I had seen the father locked up in the woods, but here it was such a sight as if I was seeing a tiger in the forest itself. It was so sure that there was no fear here due to the safety of the iron bars. When I looked around, I saw that two or three bathers were resting in that artificial forest.

A tiger was sitting and looking away from the big vyana in the same direction. When we looked towards it, it came to know that the sight of the tiger was on a deer in the distance, which was walking in its enclosure. Some tigers were sitting in their cages.

These creatures are so terrible that even seeing them locked in a cage, a shiver runs in the body. Whenever he blew his mouth, seeing his tongue and long teeth, there would be humor and also some fear. There were also cages of lions near the tigers.

The lion is said to be the king of animals, but he has no equal with the tiger in fear and power. But their nature is more effective and vigorous. The hair on his neck enhances his beauty, due to which he looks more beautiful rather than dreadful. A lioness was also sitting near the lion.

t was certainly more beautiful to look at than the tigress. There were no stripes on its body, but when it was moving or moving, it seemed as if its whole body was made of rubber. Such flexibility is found only in very few animals. There were cheetahs in the front yard.

What was the displeasure of these Chautas that they could not sit still for a moment and were constantly going round their halls. There were funds lying on his body, due to which he is called Cheetah. But the lower part of the stomach was completely white.

These very beautiful creatures seemed to be seen here in the courtrooms. Seeing their agility, quickness and flexibility, there was a desire to touch their body, but we knew how dangerous a cheetah is even if it is beautiful. On the one hand, a large python snake was kept in a pit away from some distance away.

Iron bars were placed around this pit with this pole and so close that the python could not come out through them. For as long as we stayed, he kept sitting on the coil, so we could not get the pleasure of watching him walk. Now we went some distance away from the right hand.

Here we saw a strange animal. He was eating the leaves of a tall tree standing on the ground. There was a strange painting on his body. Its horns were short, but the neck was so long that we had not seen any creature before. This was the giraffe which is found in the forests of Africa.

Its neck was longer and thinner than that of a camel. In terms of height, the camel seemed to be a dwarf in front of it. Next to him some cow-like creatures were grazing, but the difference was that they were not in white or black, but had stripes like black stripes on their bodies.

These were zebras. These are also found in Africa and are herbivorous animals like horses and donkeys. Next in line were the kangaroos in the enclosure. Kangaroo is a strange animal of Prestralia. Its front legs were short and the back legs were tall.

The most interesting thing was that it had a pouch under its belly, in which it kept its baby. He did not have any children at this time. So we could not see the child sitting in this bag. A completely different enclosure was made for the geese. This rhinoceros was recently caught from the jungles of Assam, so it was very troublesome.

On seeing the people, he used to get excited and started running. There is probably no other animal like this in nature. The horn that grew above its wart seemed to be very frightening. Seeing the thick skin and perfect body, a lot of its power was estimated.

Now we had almost eaten the whole zoo. While returning, on one side there were high cage-like rooms. Uth went to them and saw, then inside, birds taller than man were seen walking. Turns out it was a metal rooster. In fact, this bird did not look less than a camel in sight, so those who named it Upakshi, they did it right.

Absolutely gullible and harmless to look at, this bird can run faster than a frog in the desert and can make a pout with beak and leg injuries. Now there was nothing left to see in the zoo. The same thing used to arise again and again in my mind that how nature has also created strange creatures in the world.

After seeing the zoo, we returned, but the impression of those animals and birds has remained indelible on my mind till now.



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