Essay on importance of newspaper for students

 Newspaper With the advancement of science, the expansion of the world seems to be decreasing. Knowing the news of the whole world is now becoming more and more necessary for all the people. That is why newspapers have become an essential part of today’s life.

There are so many educated people who, if they do not get newspapers in the morning, then they feel as if there is a big deficiency in the daily program. So that’s why in today’s post we have brought Essay on Importance of Newspaper, in which we will study in full detail on Newspaper Essay. So let’s start.


Essay on importance of newspaper

Essay on newspaper

There are many types of newspapers. Some newspapers are published daily, some twice a week and some only once a week. Some papers are published in the morning and some in the evening. But the purpose of all this is to deliver different types of news to the public.

Newspapers contain many types of news. Nowadays, most prominence is given to political news. Where, in which country, whether political upheaval is taking place, almost everyone is interested in it. After this, there are statements of big leaders, and sensational incidents of robbery, murder and theft etc.

People also read such incidents with great interest. Apart from this, there are also business news. There is usually a separate page for sports news. Many people also read the page of the cinema with great interest. Apart from all this, newspapers publish different types of visas, in which many people are concerned.

There are many benefits from newspapers. By buying this new money newspaper, we can know the news of the whole world. If any event is favorable or unfavorable for us, then we can take advantage of it or protect ourselves from the loss caused by it by being careful in advance.

Merchant people increase the business of their goods by advertising in newspapers. Unnecessary people get jobs for themselves by reading advertisements for vacant seats and many marriages are also done through newspaper advertisements. Newspapers do not only contain news.

But they also contain two other major pillars. A column is the one in which the editor’s foreword is there. In this article, the editor expresses his opinion about any important subject. Generally, the knowledge of the editor is more than that of the ordinary reader, so he is able to put some of his resolved opinion in front of the reader on every question.

The reader can also form his own thoughts by reading this foreword. In this way, newspapers are helpful in diverting public opinion in any particular direction. In addition to the editorial column, there is a readers’ column, in which the views of the readers are expressed.

In this way the readers are also able to convey their ideas to other readers through newspapers. Newspapers developed in the nineteenth century. Before that there were no facilities to print newspapers, nor did the public have the same interest in news as it is today.

The development of newspapers increases along with the spread of education. In countries where people are more educated, newspapers are published in large numbers. There are many such papers in England, America and Russia, whose daily millions of copies are printed.

In this respect, India is still very backward. Even the number of letters printed here will probably not exceed two or three. Nowadays it is the era of democracy and the importance of newspapers is understood very much in democracy.

This is called the fourth ‘asset’ (property). The reason for this is that newspapers can make or break public opinion and that is why they have a big hand in winning or defeating one side on the occasion of election.

That is why in democratic countries all the big political parties publish their own newspapers and the party whose newspapers are more influential, in democracy, the newspapers often act as a medium between the government and the people.

Whatever the government decides, the type of policy it wants to run, it conveys it to the public through newspapers. Similarly, when there is dissatisfaction among the public regarding any dispute, then the newspapers also take the voice of the public to the government.

If the government disregards the wishes of the people, then in the forthcoming elections the people can change the government. There is great power in the hands of newspapers. Large influential letters can create a movement in favor or against any question and can force the government to make its point by awakening public opinion.

Newspapers of the country played a very important part in the freedom struggle of India. Similarly, the credit of removing many social evils also goes to a lot of newspapers. Where there is so much power in the newspapers, a great responsibility also falls on them.

Because if there is power and there is no conscience with it, then that power can be harmful but not beneficial. Where newspapers can change public opinion, it is their duty to lead it on the right path, not the wrong one. It is often seen that many substandard newspapers often publish false news just to create sensation among the people.

Many letters, giving great importance to the news of murder, adultery, kidnapping, etc., are published in big headlines and increase their publicity by catering to the ill-tempered attitudes of the readers. False advertisements are published in many newspapers, from which ignorant people are cheated and take loss.

Very often the newspapers exaggerate even the smallest incidents in vain and present it in front of the public in such a way that there is excitement among the people and many times there are terrible disturbances. If newspapers are used with restraint and discretion, then many unpleasant incidents in the country can be prevented.

As far as pure journalism is concerned, the editors should be impartial and neutral. The news may be favorable or unfavourable, but in no case should it be increased or decreased. The editor should express his opinion about the news in the editorial foreword, there is no fault in it.

But it is inappropriate to paint the news according to one’s own mind. Newspapers have gained this right after a long struggle that they can print news freely and can express their opinion about them fearlessly. Freedom of expression is considered an important right of man in a democracy.

But that right can be maintained only if the editors of the paper act with their discretion. If freedom starts being misused and freedom of expression is used for anti-God works and spreading hatred among different sections of the people, then such freedom cannot last long.

Therefore, the newspapers themselves have to be careful in this direction that they do not attack the very core of their independence. The hard work of hundreds of people is hidden behind the news that we get in the newspaper as soon as we wake up in the morning.

The correspondents of the letters are spread all over the world. From there they send communication by telegram or letter. Newspaper offices work round the clock. After proper editing of the news, they are sent to the press. People prepare the newspaper by staying awake all night and then somewhere in the morning it reaches the hands of the readers.

Another rival of newspapers has emerged from the point of view of news and that is radio. The news that comes from the morning of the next day. Almost all of them are heard on the radio on the night before that. But the news on the radio is relatively brief, so people who listen to the radio often buy newspapers.

As long as there was a foreign government in India, it did not pay special attention to the spread of education. For this reason, the number of educated people in the country was very less and newspapers could not get much publicity.

But now the government of the free country is paying a lot of attention towards education and the interest of the public is also increasing a lot in political matters. Therefore, the condition of newspapers in future is likely to be much better than now.

When in a country of 50 million population like England, ten to ten and twenty lakhs of newspapers are printed every day, then there is no reason why there should not be such newspapers after the education has been given enough publicity in a vast country like India. Go, whose daily one crore copies are printed.

No matter how far this time maybe, but it is certain that the future of newspapers in our country is very bright.



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