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Essay on science is boon or curse

Although human beings were born on this earth, many years have passed, but it seems that scientific progress has been made only in the last two hundred years. There is no dearth of people who believe that this type of scientific progress has happened many times in the past and then it has also been destroyed on its own.

But wherever, apart from the poetic mention of vimanas and divine weapons, no other evidence is available, which can provide some evidence that this type of scientific progress had ever been made in the past. Lack of scientific progress does not mean that the ancient people were uncivilized or uncultured.

Rather, the truth is that his contribution in the field of moral, spiritual and literary is so excellent that at present there is no connection to it. In that era they had developed art skills , built nice huge buildings and the method of keeping dead bodies safe had also been invented in the world.

But perhaps by subduing natural forces like steam, electricity and nuclear power, they were not used for human happiness. By the way, if the investigation is done closely, then it will be visible that man has been researcher since the beginning.

Whatever difficulties were found in his path, he has been removing them with the power of his intellect. From this point of view, steam, electricity and nuclear power are not only inventions, but fire, wheel and house are equally important inventions.

In this way the steps of science have been moving forward and forward from time immemorial. It is so sure that earlier their pace was slow and in the last two hundred years it has suddenly become three. Nowadays modern science has gathered many means for the service of man.

The description of Aladdin’s lamp in old stories today seems trivial and insignificant. The work that the demon of that lamp could do, science does it very easily. Build a palace overnight, fly into the sky and move to another place, destroy the enemy’s city in minutes, etc. are the same things.

Just as clothes were a rarity even to kings earlier, clothes are also accessible to babus who get two hundred rupees per month. Today’s vehicles, today’s means of entertainment, wire, telephone, radio etc. facilities are available to common people.

During the Mughal period, ice was imported from Dalhousie in Delhi and it was available only to the emperors, but today by the grace of science even the poorest of the poor can use ice in summer. The biggest thing that has happened is that science has saved human labor.

Earlier all the work had to be done by man with his own hands; But now its work is done by machines. These machines are no less than the monsters of magic tales. They work quickly and do well; Can work continuously without getting tired.

Tractors help in farming. Cloth weaving machines weave cloth for man day and night. Trains, motors, planes and ships of water take him from one part of the earth to another part of the world at will. Man has become much more powerful and happier by conquering the natural forces.

Imagine those days two hundred years ago. People used to start earning their livelihood as soon as they got up in the morning and kept busy in work even after a long time of hiding. Food and clothing were available with great difficulty.

But now man fulfills the necessities of his life by working for a very short time and can spend the remaining time in study, entertainment or any other useful work. Science has changed our lives so much that if a person from two hundred years ago comes and sees us today, then it will be understood that we are living in heaven.

Poets could not even imagine things like new types of nylon clothes, fine motor cars, radio and television, air conditioning equipment, refrigerator, cinema, electric twinkle etc., even for heaven. Apart from this, science has gathered wonderful means of medicine.

The best methods of examination of diseases have come out. A picture of the inside of the body can also be taken by X-ray and surgery has advanced so much that the heart of a sick person can be removed and replaced by another animal like a monkey and it can be given a long life.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that now science can even raise a dead man. Therefore, if science is not called a boon, then what can it be called? But there is another side to science as well. Where it has given so much power in the hands of man, there is no restriction on the use of that power.

So that energy is used for more destructive works than it has been used for constructive works. Earlier there were wars. Victory and defeat were easily done in them and there was very little without.

But with the advancement of science, the fierceness of wars has increased a lot and in the last two great wars there has been so much destruction that it is difficult to even heart. And now after the invention of the atomic bomb and hydrogen bomb, it is not even possible to say the extent of destruction.

The progress of science is partly due to war also. Fierce explosives, planes and rockets have been invented to win the war. Apart from this, full benefit is taken from all other scientific inventions in war. Rails and motors not only make man travel, but also carry armies to the fronts.

Radio not only provides entertainment and news but is a major means of communication among the army. Similarly, in war time all scientific inventions are used for the destruction of the enemy. Due to this, the destruction of the enemy is more or his side, but it is a loss from the point of view of the entire human race.

The amount of destruction caused in a war cannot be accomplished even by half a century of hard work. Earlier wars were limited to armies only. Attacking civilians was against the policy of war. But now scientific wars have become so widespread that it has become a trivial thing to bomb cities and factories.

Even if the soldiers survived, their houses would have been destroyed. Food, clothing and other materials of life get wasted. Earlier, soldiers often died. But now he is kept alive by the new treatment and he spends his whole life as a handicap.

Even before the use of the atomic bomb, the horrors of war were thrilling. But seeing the destruction of the atomic bomb, it seems like a child’s play. Not only did millions of people die in a few hours from the injury of the atomic bomb, but those who survived being hurt suffered even more suffering than hell.

Due to radio-activity, such diseases occurred in his body, due to which he died in dissolution. If nuclear war happens in future, it is difficult to say how much more such suffering will be. It is true that science has provided many facilities to man, but it cannot be said.

Those facilities have only increased the happiness of human beings. Before the invention of electricity, factories worked only during the day and workers could sleep at night with the foundation of happiness. But now factories work day and night and thousands of laborers have to stay awake at night to work.

Similarly in other fields also, it appears that man’s labor is being saved, but in fact man has to work harder now than before and has to be more alert and careful because of some Machines are ready to crush humans as soon as they are inattentive.

One of the side effects of the advancement of machines and other scientific facilities is that man’s own powers are getting weaker. He did not have the same strength, agility and stamina as before. Now he is a slave of machines. A person traveling at 60 miles per hour on a motor can no longer walk even two miles.

A person who spends time in an air-adapted room tends to go out in the slightest sunlight or in the slightest, because he fears that he will get sick. Science has paralyzed man in all fields. It can be said that due to scientific advancement the standard of living of the people has gone up.

The facilities that were never available to them before may be available now, but the difficulty is that there is no end to the race to raise the standard of living. In mobilizing these resources, man has to invest much more energy and time than before.

Earlier people used to be satisfied by drinking cold water from the well. But now they have to lose all their satisfaction, happiness and contentment to drink cold water from the refrigerator. Thus the moral standard of man has fallen along with the increase of needs and desires.

Empathy and honesty are gone. Science has not only caused material destruction through wars, but has also destroyed morality and harmony. It is true that science cannot be held responsible for all this destruction. Science is a force, which can be used for both good and good works.

It is a sword with which the throat of metal can be slit as well as foolishly one’s own. Destruction is not the fault of science, but the fault of the processed mind of man. If man molds his tendencies in a constructive direction, then science is a great boon.

But until man does not reach that CD of mental development, the amount of destruction caused by science, his stigma will also remain in the head of science and it will be considered as a curse. Even a fool can say the least that if I didn’t have a sword, I couldn’t cut my finger.



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