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The whole world is aware of the power of India and 26th January means Indian Republic Day. On this day India displays its power, Which we children call by the name of 26th January. That’s why in today’s article, I have brought Republic Day Essay for you. Which you have been able to speak in front of people on the basis of Republic Day speech, so let’s start.


Essay on republic day

India has always been a festival-loving country. All the castes here celebrate their own festivals. Hindus celebrate Dussehra, Diwali and Holi. Muslims celebrate Eid, Shabe-Rat and Muharram; Christians celebrate the festival of Christmas with their own unique style.

But after getting independence, a new national festival of all castes and all classes has become in India – Republic Day. It is celebrated by all the countrymen with great fervor and enthusiasm. Republic Day is celebrated in India on 26 January.

On this day in 1950, for the first time, the new constitution of independent India was implemented. In his memory, joy and enthusiasm are displayed all over the country on this day.

Before the independence of the country, 26 January was celebrated as Independence Day, because in 1921, on the occasion of Lahore Congress, the oath of complete independence of the country was taken on 26 January itself.

The same spirit was working behind the implementation of the new constitution on 26th January that during the long period of freedom struggle, the memory of the day which was celebrated as ‘Independence Day’, should be made permanent as Republic Day.

Although Republic Day is celebrated with great pomp all over the country, but its beauty is unique in the capital of the country, Delhi. On this day there is a holiday in all the offices and educational institutions. All the markets remain closed and the water, land and air force contingents salute the President in the grounds of India Gate.

Not only does the whole of Delhi throng to witness this ceremony, but thousands of people come from far and wide cities as well. It is not even early in the morning, that people start walking towards India Gate from four o’clock. Some reach this ground by motors, some in tangs, and many on foot.

There is a good arrangement of police and army, so that chaos does not happen. Such a vast visible field is filled with people. Still, many people are unable to reach this ground because of the crowd.

Lakhs of people, not being able to reach the ground, stand and wait on both sides of the road through which the Republic Day procession has to pass. Women and children also get inconvenience in this crowd, but because of their enthusiasm, they do not take any care of the inconvenience.

At about 9:15, the President arrives in his splendid carriage and heads towards the salutation stage. In front and behind them are their mounted bodyguards in their colorful robes. Greetings – Ministers, high officials and other eminent people of the Government of India have already come near the stage.

The Prime Minister welcomes the President and escorts him to the salutation stage. At the same time thirty one guns roar and salute the President. The soldiers start playing the watch. The President gives a message to the nation in his speech. After that, the soldiers who have done gallantry are given titles and awards.

Then the troops, while exercising, gush and salute in front of the President. This passion of the soldiers is very long and magnificent. In addition to soldiers, there are also vehicles of artillery, tanks, anti-aircraft guns and other military equipment.

Seeing this huge procession, one gets a good glimpse of the military might of the country. After the soldiers, the chirpy and camel-riding armies also come in their wonderfully beautiful clothes. In between, the soldiers go on playing musical instruments, which are good both in sight and in hearing.

There are also some elephants in the procession, which quadruples the beauty of Balus. In addition to the soldiers, the National Cadet Corps and the Lok Sahayak Army also come with full furnishings. Ex-servicemen are proudly found sitting in military motor vehicles with many medals.

Students and students of the schools also come doing exercises like soldiers and salute the President. Not only the demonstration of the military power of the country remains in this procession, but the living tableaux of the life of different states of the country also live in it.

There must be some jali on the part of every state in relation to the people’s life or the progress being made in the recent times. Those floats are so beautiful and full of art that they are made just by looking. Lastly, one finds the folk dances magnified in open motors, who pass by singing and dancing in the colorful and interesting costumes of their respective dances.

In short, this procession is a symbol of the country’s power, prosperity and art. At the end of the procession, Air Force planes come flying in array and bow down and salute the President and go ahead. After that the ceremony ends at India Gate, but Jaloon passes through the main roads of the capital and reaches the Red Fort and ends there.

There is not even an f-foot place on this long street where a crowd of curious spectators has not stood in several lines. At night, government buildings are decorated with electric bulbs and fireworks are set off in New Delhi and Old Delhi, which is very attractive.

Such good lighting is rarely seen on any other occasion. People gather with great enthusiasm to see this fireworks. Thus ends the celebration of Republic Day full of pomp and gaiety. Seeing this, all the countrymen feel their pride, recognize the value of freedom and resolve to keep it intact.



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