What is welding and types of welding process?

What is welding and types of welding process – Welding is playing an important role in the engineering and other industries today. It has become one of the principal means of fabrication and repairing metal products. It is almost impossible to name an industry, large or small, that does not employ some type of welding.

Welding has proved itself an efficient, dependable, and economical means of joining metal in practically all metal fabricating operations. Welding is extensively used for the manufacture and repair of machine tools, jigs and fixtures, farm equipment, mining and oil machinery. It is used in the construction of boilers, furnaces, railway, cars, aeroplanes, rockets, and missiles.

Probably the most sizeable contribution the welding has made to the society is the manufacture of special products for household, e.g., television sets, refrigerators, kitchen cabinets, dish-washers and other similar products. With improved techniques for adding new metal to worn out parts, welding has also resulted in economy for highly competitive industries.

Many buildings, bridges and ships are fabricated by welding. The value of welding as a chief means of joining steel sections is quite significant where construction cost must be kept at a minimum, such as in the building of hospital etc. Rapid progress in the exploration of outer space has been made possible by new methods and knowledge of welding metallurgy.

Welding has proved as a fast, dependable and flexible means of fabrication. It reduces product costs by Simplifying design and eliminates costly patterns and machining operations. So let’s read today what is welding and what is the types of welding process.


what is wielding ?

“The permanent joining of two materials, usually metals, through localized coalescence, resulting from a suitable combination of temperature, pressure, and metallurgical conditions, is known as welding.”


types of welding process

In as much as the combinations of temperature and pressure can range from high temperature with no pressure to high pressure with no temperature, a wide variety of welding processes has been developed. These are used so extensively in manufacturing that a large proportion of metal products used these days would have to be drastically modified, and would be considerably more costly if it were not for the use of welding.

There are  various types of welding processes in use these days may be broadly classified as follows:-

  1. Forge Welding
  2. Gas Welding
  3. MIG Welding
  4. TIG Welding
  5. Are Welding
  6. Resistance Welding
  7. Braze Welding
  8. Thermit Welding
  9. Induction Welding
  10. Electro slag Welding
  11. Cold Welding
  12. Friction Welding
  13. Ultrasonic Welding
  14. Electrori Beam Welding
  15. Laser Welding
  16. Plasma Welding
  17. Explosive Welding
  18. Diffusion Bond Welding


Welding processes may be broadly classified into two categories:-

1. Fusion Welding Processes : In these processes, the metal pieces to be joined are melted locally. No pressure is applied to effect the weld. Extra metal is added in the form of a filler wire or a consumable electrode. Examples of this category of processes are braze welding, most of gas weldings, thermit welding, all electric arc welding processes, electron beam welding, laser beam welding, electroslag welding etc.

2. Pressure Welding Processes : In these processes, the metal pieces to be joined usually do not melt. Pressure is always applied to effect the weld. No additional metal is needed, Examples of this category of processes are forge welding, electrical resistance welding, ultrasonic welding etc.



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