When is holi and why is holi celebrated

When is holi and why is holi celebrated

Friends, in this article we will tell you, when is Holi and why is Holi celebrated. India is a country of festivals. All the festivals are celebrated here with great pomp. Holi festival is celebrated in India as well as Nepal. Among all the festivals Holi is a popular festival, also known as the ‘Festival of Colours’. On this day everyone plays with colors. Holi festival is an enthusiastic festival. People of all religions celebrate it with great enthusiasm.

On this day, forgetting all the sorrows, pains and fights, colors are applied to each other and hugged. Holi festival is such a festival, on this day people forget old enmity and sorrow and make new relationships. Share the happiness of your heart with your loved ones. In this festival of colors, bhang ki Thandai and dance songs are also enjoyed.


When is Holi 2022 ?

In the year 2022, Holika will be burnt on 18th March and Holi (Rang Holi) will be played with colors on 19th March. By the way, Holi is celebrated every time on the full moon of the month of Falgun. And every year Holi takes place only in the month of March.


importance of holi

The festival of Holi is a festival of colors and love. People all over India celebrate this festival with great pomp. This festival fills the enthusiasm and enthusiasm among the people. Due to this the distance between people ends and love grows between them. On this day people consider red gulal to be a symbol of love and affection, so first of all, red colored gulal is applied on each other.

On the day of Holi, people forget old enmity and sorrow and form new relationships. Share the happiness of your heart with your loved ones. This festival also makes enemies into friends. The importance of Holi is that it improves relationships.

On this day people visit each other’s houses and play with colors. Some friends reunite on the pretext of being away. This festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm among people of all ages. Everyone plays with Gulal on the day of Holi. This festival destroys social evils like casteism, color, creed and consumes it. The festival of Holi brings positive thinking in the people.


story of holi

Long time ago, there was a king Hiranya Kashyap and his sister Holika. Hiranya Kashyap wanted people to understand him as God and worship him. A few days later, a child was born in the house of “Hiranya Kashyap”, who was named Prahlad.

Who used to worship Lord Vishnu since childhood. Hiranya Kashyap became very worried about Prahlad considering Vishnu as God. He told his son many times that Vishnu is not God, but the real God is your own father. But Prahlad did not listen to his father and used to chant Shrihari since childhood.

When Prahlad did not give up his insistence after persuading him a million times, “Hiranya Kashyap” made many attempts to kill Prahlad, but all failed. One day Hiranya Kashyap planned to kill him by burning him with fire. And remembered her sister Holika and at the behest of “Hirany Kashyap”, Holika took Prahlad in her lap and sat in the fire.

Holika had got this boon from God that fire could not do anything for her and Holika was given a chunari gift from Lord Shiva. Because of which Agni could not do anything to Holika. But on the approval of God, the same chunri fell on Prahlad and Holika was burnt to ashes in this fire. From this story the Holi festival was born. On the day of Holi there was victory of good and defeat of evil.

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